Gardening & Eyebrows



It’s been unseasonably hot the last couple of days, 26 deg C / 78 deg, it feels much warmer. I thought it was about time I tackled some of the pruning that I have been putting off for far too long. With the strange weather we have had this year the garden has in parts gone into overdrive. To relieve the boredom I took a few quick photo’s with my old Olympus E400 and Zuiko 35mm macro lens.


The Lavender has really gone berserk this year, good for the Bee’s though.

Still some buds on the Roses.


They are trying their best to take over the garden this year.

Liked By The Bees



The visiting cat is getting a bit cheeky. At 4 am on Saturday morning I felt a gentle nuzzling on my eyebrow, it was the Black & White lad wanting some breakfast. He comes in everyday now and occasionally has a sleep over! my two cats fortunately are quite tolerant of him most of the time. During the day on Saturday I was working on the front garden, I went in to make myself a cup of coffee and as I looked back to the open front door there was a mother cat and two tiny kittens. The mother cat (long haired very dark Tortoiseshell) has been sneaking in and clearing all the cat food dishes (she’s very wary), I leave a bit of extra food down for her as I’m sure that feeding two little ones she needs it.


7 thoughts on “Gardening & Eyebrows

  1. Stuart Templeton

    What lovely shots.
    I love the story of the visiting cats – that’s happened to us more than once. I sometimes think they’re quite capable of deciding who they want to live with – even if it;s the next door neighbor!

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  2. Heide

    It seems the weather has been crazy for my friends all over the world this year — but at least in your corner of the world it has led to a beautiful bounty. Hope the cats (even the cheeky visitor) are staying cool, though. Cheers to you from across the Atlantic!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. conspicari Post author

      Hello Heide, It’s cooled down a bit today, been so humid the last few days. The cats are fine and enjoying the cooler conditions, all three of them were sitting in the kitchen this morning waiting for their breakfasts. Hope all is good with you.



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