“Seasons Greetings”


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It’s been some time since I last posted on the blog. Lots of socialising with old friends who have recently retired and getting in quotes for work that needs to be done on the house, how did I find the time when I was working ? The weather in my part of the UK has been really awful, lots of grey days and rain, when it was OK I took the opportunity to catch up on chores. I have bought a couple of old film cameras that I’m really looking forward to trying out, and blogging about.

Wishing you all a “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays”

7 thoughts on ““Seasons Greetings”

  1. Dr Alfred Prunesquallor

    Hello Art. We have never met, but I am getting married at New Walk Museum at 1pm on 6th June. We don’t want a formal photographer, but think it would be good to have some informal (no posed groups of relatives) snaps done by someone who can handle a camera. I’ve always liked your photos. If you are free for an hour 1-2 on Saturday 6th June, would you be willing to take some pictures for us? Ian Cross 07845745942

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  2. Alexandra

    Hi Art 🙂 I can see you are taking a break from blogging, hope all is well and you get back to it now that the spring is almost here 🙂

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  3. Dr Alfred Prunesquallor

    Hello Art, just to let you know that we are actually getting married in Zambia on 5th October at the Boma (local government centre) in Mambwe, Eastern Province. You are invited to take the photographs, of course, but we won’t mind if you feel you can’t make the trip at such short notice!



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