After The Harvest

All images Nikon F801s, Tamron 28-200mm, Orange filter, Ilford HP5+, 800asa, Microphen developer,

A few more shots from the area around Launde Abbey on a lovely day last November. I am quite impressed with the Tamron 28-200mm, great to be able to go from wide angle to short telephoto without changing lenses. Always avoided getting one of these lenses previously because of mixed reviews. It does fall off slightly in the corners and I noticed a bit of vignetting. but I’m pretty sure that was from the filter I was using. I did have to sharpen the images slightly more than normal in Photoshop.

4 thoughts on “After The Harvest

  1. Manja Maksimovič

    I got myself a 18-200 Tamron for some zoom after some deliberation, for my used Nikon D-5000 which was a present and came with the basic 18-55 lens. I hate to change lenses. So far so good, it’s just that my photos look like they came from some 70’s film. 😀 I wonder if this is what you mean by vignetting. Until this summer I’ve only been point-and-shooting.

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    1. conspicari Post author

      Yes it makes life a bit easier not having to change lenses so much. That’s a really good range you have with that lens especially on a digital camera. Vignetting is when the corners of the image are darker, quite easy to fix in LightRoom etc.

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