Thursday Doors


These are from the archive (2018) I haven’t managed to get out to take any photographs lately. My lovely cat Fleur (mumsy) has got a nasty infection on her mouth, she’s had a blood test, result was clear, steroid and antibiotic injections. We are off to the vets again first thing tomorrow morning, I won’t be able to settle until I can see some improvement in her.

Seen better days. I do like the Green tiles though.

The stickers caught my eye !

Got to like Purple door.

For a great selection of Doors from all over the world pop over to Dan Antions excellent blog.


8 thoughts on “Thursday Doors

  1. sustainabilitea

    Archive are there to be used so who cares? 🙂 Interesting posters on the second doors. Sorry about your cat. I did smile to see that the first door had “Leicester” on it as we’ve been watching lots of rugby on TV and seen their team play a number of times. Not pronounced the way we’d say it in America but hey, that makes life interesting.


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    1. conspicari Post author

      Thank you. Yes the Leicester Tigers are well known, not been doing so good lately, but from what I hear they are improving. Just got back from the vets, she is going to have to have a steroid injection every month, it’s not totally curable :>(



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