Summer Heat & Infrared


Summer in my part of the UK has really kicked in this week, the thermometer in my kitchen was reading 30deg C. 90deg F. not that hot compared to many places, but UK houses are built to retain heat. Consequently I didn’t get much sleep last night, so having a lazy day today, just waiting to see the first proper images from JWST and watching the Tour de France live on the TV.

All this heat prompted me to dig out some Infrared images I took in 1992 on the Isle of Eigg. When we arrived on the island it was quite cool, but the next day the temperature really rocketed. The film I used was Kodak HIE infrared with a red 25A filter on the lens. The film was quite difficult to use, has to be loaded/unloaded in total darkness, I do like some of the results though.



Across the bay to the Sgurr


The Sgurr (volcanic rock)

I have some Rollei infrared in the fridge, think it’s time I loaded some up and gave it a shot.

2 thoughts on “Summer Heat & Infrared

  1. Zooey

    Wonderful images. I tried infrared many, many years ago. Colour slide using my Olympus OM2n. I can still remember loading and unloading it sitting on my bed with a duvet over my head. Not sure if the requirements are different, but this had to be kept cold, so it was stored in the freezer and thawed out for use on one day. Everything was hugely overexposed and I haven’t tried again. I did think about having my first DSLR converted, but both it and the lenses are not that well suited. I may spend the rest of the heatwave looking into trying some B&W with the Olympus 🙂

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    1. conspicari Post author

      The colour infrared was difficult to use, and expensive, would have loved to have tried it. I ended up using Konica ir750 black & white,, it was much easier to use, and gave great results with red filter. Was going to go out on Monday and try some Rollei infrared, just looked at the weather forecast, think I’ll postpone it for a few days.



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