Bring The Paint #2


My Photo Buddies and I were a little bit early for the “Bring The Paint” display in the town last time we met up. So a couple of weeks ago we decided to see what progress had been made, and it gave us a chance catch up and have coffee and cake at one of our favourite coffee shops.

From our first visit. The guys painting the artwork were suspended in the cradle at the top of the building, made me dizzy just looking at them.


The painting now looks complete, it depicts some of what the city is known for, at the very top a Fox representing the local football team Leicester City (The Foxes), an Astronaut for the National Space Centre in the city, not sure what the third artwork is, but the last one is a Tiger representing the Leicester Tigers Rugby football club.


Got to admire the guys who painted this artwork dangling from the side of the building in a small cradle.


6 thoughts on “Bring The Paint #2

  1. Squonky

    I really need to get into town with a camera again. The last time I went looking for “Bring The Paint” artwork was a few years ago now. Must be lots of new works to see – like the ones you posted here.

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    1. conspicari Post author

      Thank you. I don’t go into town as much as I used to but occasionally meet up with a couple of friends for a photo walk. There are a few newish bits of art hidden away, found some around the Great Central street area.



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