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Nikon F80 #2


It looked like the Arboretum had been getting a tidy up, branches trimmed and cuttings stacked.




Nikon F80 – 28-80mm G, Kentmere 400 @ 800asa, Ilford DDX Developer.


Nikon F80 at the Arboretum


I had always wanted a Nikon F80, but couldn’t afford one when they first came on to the market. Then I saw a Nikon 28-80mm G lens at a good price and couldn’t resist, this then gave me an excuse to look for an F80 camera ! The prices on that auction site were all over the place and so was the condition of the cameras offered. I waited patiently and eventually one came up complete with box and instructions, the seller said the back was sticky, a common fault with this series of cameras. I paid £38.99p (expensive for me) and ordered some alcohol wipes at the same time. 10 minutes with the alcohol wipes on the back of the camera and the stickiness was gone, and still is. The camera is in great condition, doesn’t look like it has had much use.

So on a bright February morning this year I loaded it up with some Kentmere 400 pushed to 800asa, stuck an Orange filter on the lens, and set off for the local arboretum.

Loved the shape of this tree, and the glow the Orange filter gives.

I shot the entire roll of 24 exposures and developed the film in Ilford DDX the next day.

Aires #4 – Last few images


Self potted buddleia, and reflections.


I thought so too.


Van Gogh through the ancient door.


Nestled between hi-rise and demolition.


Really surprised how good the old Aires 35 performed, and the Fomapan 100. There’s another Aires in my camera collection but the film wind on is playing up, it also has a great lens, need to send it off for repair.

Need To get Snapping


Found at the back of the refrigerator.

Completely forgot about this tub of expired film at the back of the fridge (there are more). Judging by the prices being asked on auction sites it’s probably worth more than the fridge freezer. Two of the rolls are Kodak High Speed Infrared, and a roll of Konica Ir 750, so there’s a good incentive to get out and about with a camera.

I don’t go into the city very much now, just once a week to meet up with some old friends. It seems to have changed a lot since lockdown, most of the interesting shops have gone being replaced by fried chicken outlets, and the centre seems to be a gathering place fast food delivery E-Bikers, they remind me of herds of wildebeest blasting down the pavements/sidewalks, pedestrians beware.

So now the weather is getting a bit warmer and drier I’m planning days out in the county and a few day trips to the coast.

Aires #3


A few more images from the Aires 35 of some street art around my home town.

I didn’t know how well this would turn out in B&W, but it’s OK.


By the sign of “0”, tricky lighting on this one, but guessed right.


The whole building.


From a distance.

All taken on Fomapan 100 at 200asa and developed in Ilford Ilfosol 3.

Since the lockdown the city has changed such a lot, I only go in once a week now to meet friends have a bite to eat and a couple of beers, fortunately there are 3 or 4 pubs that are still pubs. On this outing I met up with my photo buddies, we always have a good laugh, manage to take some images, and come away happier.

Aires 35 #2


This was one of the first images off the Aires 35 taken at Thornby Hall Northamptonshire in April 2022. I was still recovering after my first pillion passenger ride for a few years on the back of my buddies Triumph tiger motor bike, the bench looked really inviting. We had coffee and homemade cake at the café and then a walk around the lovely grounds.

On the original scan I can read the small brass plaque on the backrest of the bench.


One of the last images on the roll of Clarendon Park Congregational Church taken in March 2023.

So amazed at the lens on this little camera and how well the Fomapan 100 performed even after nearly a year of sitting in the camera.

Aires 35


Taken on Nikon F80, Ilford HP5 @ 800asa

I bought this lovely Aires camera in early 2021 for £16.00p including postage, knowing it needed a bit of a service (focussing was stiff) eventually sent it away to PPP camera repairs. It came back working fine. This is Aires first 35mm camera, made for a short time around 1954 so it’s 69 years old, just a bit younger than me ! The large control to the left of the lens is the shutter release. I loaded a roll of Fomapan 100 rated at 200asa. My long time buddy turned up on his Triumph Tiger 1200 and said did I fancy going out to Thornby Hall (blog post) that was April 2022 took 2 or3 frames with the Aires then the rest of the year happened and my enthusiasm for most things waned. Fast forward to March 2023 and the Photo Buddies suggested a meet up in town for a photo walk and coffee, took the Aires with me, forgot my exposure meter so used the sunny 16 rule. Finished the roll and developed the film in Ilford Ilfosol 3, was really pleased/surprised with the results.

Some of the new rather sterile buildings that have gone up in the city.

I’ll post some more images from the Aires later this week.

Summer Heat & Infrared


Summer in my part of the UK has really kicked in this week, the thermometer in my kitchen was reading 30deg C. 90deg F. not that hot compared to many places, but UK houses are built to retain heat. Consequently I didn’t get much sleep last night, so having a lazy day today, just waiting to see the first proper images from JWST and watching the Tour de France live on the TV.

All this heat prompted me to dig out some Infrared images I took in 1992 on the Isle of Eigg. When we arrived on the island it was quite cool, but the next day the temperature really rocketed. The film I used was Kodak HIE infrared with a red 25A filter on the lens. The film was quite difficult to use, has to be loaded/unloaded in total darkness, I do like some of the results though.



Across the bay to the Sgurr


The Sgurr (volcanic rock)

I have some Rollei infrared in the fridge, think it’s time I loaded some up and gave it a shot.

Thursday Doors


A few doors shot on film during a walk into town in April, only processed the film last month. I was testing out my repaired and serviced Nikkor 20mm f2.8 lens, not that impressed with it, I’ll be trading it in for an Olympus Zuiko 21mm f3.5 if I can find one.

Wasn’t sure if I was going to post today as my lovely cat Mimi suddenly stopped eating. After what happened to her Mum earlier this year It was really worrying. Took her to the vets on Tuesday and they gave her a blood test, got the results late yesterday, she has an overactive thyroid, fortunately it’s treatable and should settle in a couple of weeks. She ate some Tuna in spring water today.

A bit Gothic


Crescent with verandah


Georgian style


Nikon F601, Nikkor 20mm f2.8, Ilford HP5 800 asa, Ilford Microphen.


To see some doors from around the world checkout Dan Antions excellent blog.

To When ……

I thought coloured graduated filters were the thing.

Took this in 1989 on Agfa slide film, (the date was imprinted on the slide mount) on my Jenaflex AM1. I have been having a bit of a sort out of my photo bits and pieces and found a stack of coloured grads, might actually give them another go !