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Walking To The Dentist


It was lovely and bright this morning as I set out to the dentists surgery, another filling, only two more to go. Arrived in town early so decided to walk the rest of the way along the path by the River Soar and Grand Union Canal, an area I haven’t visited for many years, what a change, new paths, green areas, and apartment blocks of course. I had my Sigma DP1 with me, and for a change could use it at 200 asa because it was so sunny. As I arrived back at home the clouds rolled in and it tried to snow.

The Canal

Old River Soar and Great Central Railway (Remains Of)

You Are Here Map

Apartments, Apartments, Apartments


More Apartments
I quite like these as they have restored an old factory building, so it still has a bit of character. 


Boxing Day Walk #2

I spotted this old car park ramp ages ago but there were always lots of cars and people about. So I thought maybe on Boxing Day it would be quiet and clear of vehicles, and it was. Not an easy thing to photograph so I think another visit is needed.

Some details from around the area of the ramp.

From the snaking car park ramp I walked down to the canal.

And then back on to the road via a bridge with some great heads.

Bright November Day


It was a lovely sunny day in my part of the UK, I got up early (ish) and walked into town, dropped a film in for processing and went down to the canal. I had the Sigma DP1 in the camera bag, the light was harsh so I bracketed some shots and processed them through Lightroom and Easy HDR.

Apartment Shadows

Old Sluice Gates


Blackberries In November


Six Geese A Swimming


Sharp Rust

(Hot) Walk to Town

Apparently it was the hottest September day in some parts of the UK since 1911, it certainly felt like it on my walk. I wanted to see how the building work on the canal was coming on.

New Kid in the Block
I wondered who was going to occupy this building.

Looking for food !

More Student Accommodation


Restoring the old Donisthorpe Mill (founded in 1739)
Looking good.

Bridge over the weir
Just been resurfaced.

Still Walking

Well still without a car, It’s probably not bad a thing I’m walking a lot more than I would have done if I had one.
The downside is that I am restricted on the places I can visit to take photographs, so it’s mostly my hometown.


Olympus EPL1
They must have taken down the shop sign recently to reveal Anon Records, I don’t remember this shop when it was open, strange as I am a bit of a vinyl junkie.

Keep Calm and Ceilidh

DP1_Keep Calm and CeilidhSigma DP1
Good advice !

The Kings Head

King Head

Olympus EPL1
This little carving is on the side of the cathedral where King Richard 111 is buried.

Grand Union Canal

SDIM022_7_8_9_easyHDR-Edit-EditSigma DP1 – HDR
When I was a child I grew up not far from here. It has changed so much, all the factories have gone, the Great Central Railway has disappeared and the water is no longer polluted, you can see the plant life in the foreground under the water.

Rogue Refrigerator

Rogue Refrigerator

Sigma DP1
Not sure what this refrigerator was doing out on the loose !