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MB 250SL


Spotted this lovely 1969 Mercedes 250SL on my way back from the music pub on Saturday.

Sigma DP1 – Silver Efx

One For The Road


Every year I meet up with an old buddy of mine that I’ve known since the early 1980’s, as he stops over this involves me giving the house an annual thorough clean and tidy. We met up in a Real Ale pub in the town and then went to see a friends band playing, it was a great night, bumped into some people I hadn’t seen for awhile and the beer flowed. The hangover has finally receded, it’s taken two days, trouble is the older I get the longer it takes me to recover. The weather hasn’t been too good for photography over the last couple of weeks but while I was tidying up I found a Photo CD with some images from March 2000, they were taken at the Santa Pod drag strip in Northamptonshire (I do like the sound of a V8 engine) All the photos were taken on my Olympus OM2sp, most of them with my Zuiko 24/135mm lenses on Fuji 100asa colour print film. 

Speedy Yellow’s



Burn Out

Old Skool


Hopefully the weather will be kinder soon and I will be able to get out and take some new images.



Needed a haircut, a birthday card for my cousin and a 5 litre bottle of demineralised water, in that order. I hadn’t taken a camera with me just the phone, 5 litres of water can start to feel a bit heavy after the 2 mile walk back to home. On the return journey and making loud sloshing sounds from the water in my rucksack I noticed this late 60’s Sunbeam parked on a side street.

Sunbeam Rapier

It brought back happy memories from 1969 of a friend of mine who had a Gold left hand drive Sunbeam, sadly he’s no longer around, but we had some great times with that car.

“Happy New Year”

The weather over the last few days has been damp, cold, dull and misty. I managed to get into town last Wednesday, It was cold but bright and I took a few images on my walk in. 

Frosty Top
Now I wouldn’t mind cleaning off the ice if this were mine !

Frosty Seat
Probably not a good idea to sit on this.

Low Winter Light Reflections
Really caught my eye.

Vacant Lot
Liked the building at the back, it looks good in colour too.

Happy New Year to everyone.

Canon T70 (Yes another camera purchase !)

Sometime ago I acquired a Canon FD 35mm 2.8 lens, I also had a Tamron AD2 FD mount. Obviously a Canon camera body was needed. So I picked up a T70 body from a dealer for £19.00p (about $27.00 – €25.00) I decided to use a camera dealer rather than an auction site as I wanted the camera to work as it should, and also have a bit of a guarantee (too many disappointments from auction sites)


The camera works fine, and is in good condition. The lens sitting in front of the camera is a Tamron 28mm 2.5, bought new a few years ago in a clearance sale at Cecil Jacobs for £20.00 including a case. We sadly no longer have any camera shops in Leicester which is a real shame considering both Cecil Jacobs and Jessops started out in the city. So I loaded the camera with a roll of Ilford Delta 400asa (expired 2008) which I found at the back of the fridge next to a jar of out of date black olives !

Hark the Herald
This one’s quite unusual in that it’s lefthand drive, the number plate is from 1965.


King Richard 111

About halfway through the roll of film I remembered that it had only been in the fridge for a couple of years. This became apparent when I developed the film as it was very dense and grainy, and needed some adjustments in PhotoShop.



1975/6 MGB GT
The MGB GT had some design input from Italian design house PininFarina. This one even has a Leicester City football scarf on the door handle.


1968 Fiat 500
They always bring a smile to my face.

I spotted these two not far from where I live, both are in great condition. I’ve been without a car for over a year now, I’m definitely going to have to get another soon just so I can get out into the countryside a bit more often. Driving around the cities and suburbs is no fun anymore, the roads are so crowded in England which is why I haven’t rushed to buy another motor.

A Blast From The Past

Trying to get some motivation to redecorate my spare bedroom/computer room. I started to sort through the stuff that’s accumulated in there over the last few years and as usual got waylaid by things I had forgotten about. One of those things was a box of prints with a CD of the images, they were from March 2000, taken at Santa Pod Drag Strip. I remember going with my Olympus OM2sp and Zuiko 135mm 2.8 lens, it was a run what you brung day.

Ford Fairlane

Chevy Camaro

Could be a Kawasaki

Monday Coffee

Weather was OK this morning, a bit warmer than of late (it’s cooler and raining now !!!! ) so my walk to town was quite pleasant. I managed to get a few images of things that caught my eye on the way in, and met up with my sister for coffee.

Pampas SDIM1137-Edit-Edit

Defender SDIM1142-Edit-Edit

A Touch of Spring Colour WP_20160411_11_09_38_Rich__highres.ev0-Edit

Equation !WP_20160411_11_12_16_Rich__highres.ev0_HDR-Edit

   Coffee House SDIM1149-Edit-Edit
Sigma DP1 except for equation which was shot on Lumia 930 phone.