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Autumnal Walk to Town

Had a quick walk into town today, it was really busy with people buying Halloween stuff. I managed to grab a few images on the way.

Sycamore #1
As I was taking a picture of this tree a chap came over to talk to me, he said this tree was part of the Acer family and Date family, not native to the UK but brought over by the Romans. You learn something new every day.

Sycamore #2


That Bin Again !

My favourite tree

All is being revealed 

Tuesdays Trip To Town

My cat Fleur (Mimi’s mum) is a bit under the weather so I thought I’d go into town and get her some treats. It was quite cool and not very bright as I set off but the sun came out and cheered me up. Took the Olympus EPL1 with me and managed to get a few images.

One of my favourite subjects (again !)

Morning Dew

Ready For Picking

Really Starting To Turn

Shopfront  Detail
Must find out what this lovely wildlife relief is about

Spent the afternoon scanning in a film from a Kodak Retinette that I have, my software started acting up so it made it very tedious, only lightened by blasting out Son Volts Rarities album. The Retinette as suspected had some issues, the camera was not solely to blame !!! I’ll put some images up on the blog if I feel brave enough.

Yesterdays (Tuesday) walk to town

The weather wasn’t really great for photography as I set out, misty grey autumn skies.

You can just see the university building emerging from the mist

Work goes on

My favourite tree in HDR (Horse Chestnut) starting to change colour


Plastic Flowers (digital version) I like the film version a bit better although the lighting was very different

Last few from Latvia visit

I was hoping to post some images from my replacement Olympus OM40 that I bought a couple of months ago, I scanned the negs and when I opened them in Photoshop there were dust specs all over them. I am a man of patience but… so I will re-scan them later in the week.

So here are the last images from my Latvia visit.

Wild flowers at the family cemetery.

Grandfather, Grandmother and my Mum
Half of my Mums ashes are buried in Latvia the other half in the UK.

Three Trees
On the family farmland, one tree planted for each of my Mums brothers.

Sigulda National Park from Turaida Castle
Sigulda is a beautiful park, looking forward to visiting it again.

River Gauja

We stopped off here early evening on the way back to Riga, it’s a popular swimming and fishing spot.

Russian Orthodox Nativity Cathedral (recently restored)

Latvian Freedom Monument

Can’t wait for my next visit.

Yesterday’s walk to town

Made a quick trip into town for the usual cat food top up and a little bit of food for me. The weather was really good although the lighting was quite harsh so I was shooting mainly in HDR mode on the Sigma DP1.

Busy busy
I used to work here in the late 1980’s when it was the council headquarters, the building started falling apart so they demolished it last year. There was lots of movement in the scene the 3 shot HDR captured a bit of it.

No thanks

Taggers notice board !

Black & White
SDIM2099_100_101-Edit  SDIM2102_3_4-Edit


In my garden

Today started off reasonably bright but there was rain in the air. So it was a quick bus ride to and from town, just made it back home before the rain started. Last week was so different, lovely and warm and sunny. I took a few photo’s of some flowers in my garden with the Olympus EPL1 and the Helios 58mm lens.

This Rose is in my front garden and has a lovely scent.

The Bee’s really like the Salvia

Nepeta Sibirica_6090662-Edit
Nepeta Sibirica (Catmint) I’m really surprised this has survived, as my two cats and the neighbourhood waifs and strays really like nibbling at it.

PS. it’s just started thundering and lightning and raining really hard :>(