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Adrenaline Buzz


I have been feeling in a low mood since my lovely cat Fleur had to be put to sleep, I miss her presence around the house so much. Her daughter Mimi is a great comfort, really glad she is with me. So when my best buddy phoned on Thursday and asked if I fancied a trip out in the country for a bite to eat and a walk, I jumped at the chance. Get your crash helmet and jacket ready, we are on the Triumph Tiger today. It must be about 4 years since I’ve been on the back of a bike.

Triumph Tiger

Wow, the Triumph certainly has some get up and go, my feet lifted off the footrests a few times under acceleration, felt very safe though, my buddy has been riding bikes since the late 1960’s.

Our destination was Thornby Hall in Northamptonshire, it’s a meditation centre that is set in beautiful grounds, the house is built from a lovely warm coloured stone and dates back to the 17th century. I took my little Olympus EPL1 digital camera with me and a 1956 film camera (more on that in another post) took lots of images of the grounds and house, but I like looking for the unusual, often tucked away round the back.

Waiting for Christmas


I just liked the window and wall with the old Hall in the background

Felt better for the adrenaline rush, the walk around the grounds, and some good food and coffee in the café. As I’m writing this my cat Mimi is asleep on my lap, she’s lovely and warm, dreaming, and snoring quietly.


Bashed, Bruised, and Fragile


Shunter/Switcher, Olympus E400, from the archive.

Bashed, bruised, and fragile, that’s how I feel at the moment. My lovely cat Fleur isn’t very well at all , she’s had steroid injections but I’m not sure she will make it, this seems to have taken it’s toll on my immune system as my flu/chest infection has come back with a vengeance. Managed to drag myself out of the house today for the weekly supermarket shop, and as a precaution went for a Covid test. I’m lucky to have friends that have or have had cats and understand how I’m feeling.