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After The Harvest

All images Nikon F801s, Tamron 28-200mm, Orange filter, Ilford HP5+, 800asa, Microphen developer,

A few more shots from the area around Launde Abbey on a lovely day last November. I am quite impressed with the Tamron 28-200mm, great to be able to go from wide angle to short telephoto without changing lenses. Always avoided getting one of these lenses previously because of mixed reviews. It does fall off slightly in the corners and I noticed a bit of vignetting. but I’m pretty sure that was from the filter I was using. I did have to sharpen the images slightly more than normal in Photoshop.

Slowly Getting Back to Some Kind of Normality (Hopefully) Bitter – Sweet

Friday afternoon gig,

Went to a gig at a local pub on Friday, so good to get some normality back into daily life. I was at junior school with the guitarist, we’re going back to 1959/60 here ! and, as an added bonus Ann Duggan turned up and sang a couple of numbers with the band. It was so good to be out socially again, enjoying a beer or two and catching up with old friends.

The “Bitter Sweet” part of the title is the passing away a week ago of a friend, she was so vivacious, lively and generous, and will be dearly missed, so many good memories.

A few times there were tears in my eyes remembering her dancing by the stage with my best friend.

Walking home it was really misty, I had only brought my phone with me, so excuse the image quality.

Thursday Doors

Nikon F801s, Tamron 28 – 200mm, Orange filter, Ilford HP5 @ 800asa

Five Bar Gate (I know it’s not really a door) A couple of months back the weather was kind and so I took a drive to one of my favourite places, Launde Abbey. It gave me an opportunity to try out a new to me second hand lens. It was a lovely day and I always find the Abbey and grounds so peaceful and relaxing.

On the way to meeting up with friends in town, at a pub last week I spotted this Jaguar XJ. It was a really dull day and teaming down with rain so I decided to take a Sony S80 compact that one of my neighbours kindly gave to me. It’s only 4 megapixels and not very good at higher iso’s, but converting the image to Black & White and with a bit of tweaking in Silverefx, it didn’t turn out too bad.

New Year Greetings

“Happy New Year”

“Happy New Year”, can’t believe it’s just over 2 years since my last post on the blog. What a 2 years it’s been for everyone, my hometown had one of the longest lockdowns in the UK. Enjoyed the quietness, lack of traffic and the fresher air though.

I have been uploading images to Instagram over the last 18 months or so, but ultimately it’s not the platform for me, there are some great people posting really good images on there, I found it bit of a chore as it’s really geared up for phone photography.

Managed to get to see my friends and had a few day’s out when lockdowns were eased and kept in touch via Skype. this kept my mental well being on an even keel.

Of course I’ve added a few cameras and lenses to the collection! looking forward to trying them out.

My garden has been invaded by 6 feral cats, but that story deserves a blog or two to itself.

That’s me on the left with one of my Photo Buddies the week before Christmas, so good to be out and about taking some images.

“Seasons Greetings”


PC190517-Edit copy

It’s been some time since I last posted on the blog. Lots of socialising with old friends who have recently retired and getting in quotes for work that needs to be done on the house, how did I find the time when I was working ? The weather in my part of the UK has been really awful, lots of grey days and rain, when it was OK I took the opportunity to catch up on chores. I have bought a couple of old film cameras that I’m really looking forward to trying out, and blogging about.

Wishing you all a “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays”