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New Light Seals In The Lomo

The last time I used my old Zenith Lomo I noticed the light seals were in a poor way. Found a supplier on an auction site that offered a laser cut kit, when it arrived I wasn’t too sure, the material was very similar to the leatherette that cameras are covered in, not the thin foam I was expecting. So after applying the new light seals I loaded up with a roll of Fuji Reala 100 that had expired in 2001, just in case the seals didn’t keep out the light. I headed to town and snapped away.

Passing The Time Of day

Reach For The Sky

No Comment !

Traffic Mirror

Out Back

Go Forth

Resting Place

Well I needn’t have worried, the new seals are fine. Apart from the expected colour shift I was really surprised how well the film behaved, good job as I have 18 more rolls of Reala 100 in the fridge.


Olympus Pen EE3 – Part 6

Last few images from the Olympus Pen EE3.


Tree BarkR2-02162-0031-Edit

That Riviera TouchR2-02162-0034-Edit


Same place a few days later with the Olympus OM2sp and Vivitar 19mm wide angle lens. Shot on Fuji Superia 200 (only just out of date) The wind on mechanism decided to stop working properly so I only got a few shots off this roll.

That Riviera Touch (Olympus OM2sp)

I think the Pen EE3 does a great job when compared to it’s full frame brother.


Olympus Pen EE3 – Part 4

Glimmer of spring

Done with mirrors


It was quite dull weatherwise on my walk into town today and I didn’t really feel that inspired. So I went to an area of the city that we used to go shopping when I was a kid and took a few shots with the Olympus OM40, it did lock up on me, but taking the batteries out and popping them back in sorted it. I’m guessing it’s the shutter magnets sticking, but I really like the camera so will see if I can pick up another from somewhere. After about an hour of arriving back home the sun started to come out, oh well.

Olympus Pen EE3 – Part 3

Ready to goR2-02162-0002


Three Gables

I took my Olympus OM2sp with me when I was shooting these shots, but it didn’t feel quite right when winding on the film. Sure enough when I got the film back from processing it was winding on 2 to 3 frames at a time !!!! £99 for a complete overhaul. So I dug out my Olympus OM40 which had been put away because it refused to power up, cleaned the battery chamber even though it looked clean and it powered up yay. Took it with me to town today and although it was cold it worked perfectly. The OM40 hasn’t got the best reputation for reliability but I really like the viewfinder and ESP metering, we will see.

Olympus Pen EE3


Bob the Builder

I managed to replace the light seals in my old Olympus Pen EE3 and it seems to have worked. Loaded up with Fuji Reala 100 asa expired 02-2003 and sent the film off to Filmdev this is the first time I’ve used this company. They are really friendly and helpfull.