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Old Family Photographs (Part 4)

A few more photographs from the family album, these were taken around 1946 when my dad was somehow involved with the “Circus Belli” in Germany.


Hotti The Sportsman

I wonder what happened to Hotti ? I really like this photomontage, It must have been difficult to do with the materials available at that time.

Bring on the Clowns



Old Family Photographs (part 3)

Circus Belli

This looks tricky !

I’m not too sure how my father became involved with the Circus Belli, Bleckede, Germany, in 1946.
He also helped run a Dancing School and Cinema at that time !
I can remember him telling me he really enjoyed being with the circus and would have loved to have stayed on with them.
According to information I’ve found on the web ( Circus Belli was originally a German circus but frequently visited Denmark in the late 19th and early 20th century. One of the Belli brothers Giovanni married Danish Meta Jensen in 1908 and the Circus became based in Denmark.

The Flying Leotaris
The-Flying-Leotaris-Edit copy
The Leotaris seemed to have been well known around Europe, and  I have found references to them up to the mid 1960’s, presumably their children.

It must have been difficult to have photographed the acts with the film and cameras available at that time.

More photographs to follow.