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Sunshine & Demineralised Water

It was lovely and sunny in Leicester yesterday (for a change), so a walk to the cemetery seemed a good idea. Two reasons, to test out an old film camera, and to pick up some demineralised water for the final rinse when I develop film. 1 litre should be enough, but they only sold it in 5 litres = 5 kilos in weight, it felt very heavy after the 2 mile walk back to home ! Developed the film this afternoon, so we’ll see if it makes any difference, hopefully there won’t be so many hickies on the film.

Took my sigma DP1 with me to get some digital shots.

Soon to be Green again

Catching the Sun

End of an Old Tree

Natural Decay

Keeping the Memory

“Happy Valentines Day” from my Valentine Girls

Hope you had a good day.

Thursday Doors & Top Hats

Here’s my contribution to this weeks Thursday Doors over at Norm 2.0 blog. Some great doors over there to check out.

Top Hat Terrace
It was a bit dull this morning when I took this image, my Sigma DP1 doesn’t like dull very much

This one is from last June when it was a bit brighter

Info Board
The Terrace was built for Francis “Tanky” Smith, Detective Inspector of Leicester Borough Police in 1864, and according to the info board the heads represent the different disguises he used to apprehend criminals.

Just around the corner from Top Hat Terrace is a road of lovely houses now mostly taken over by the University of Leicester.

Gothic Look

Lovely Blue

A Bit Of Green

Great Brickwork

Well I hope you enjoy these doors, I’ve certainly learnt a bit about the city I live in by photographing them.

“Happy New Year”

The weather over the last few days has been damp, cold, dull and misty. I managed to get into town last Wednesday, It was cold but bright and I took a few images on my walk in. 

Frosty Top
Now I wouldn’t mind cleaning off the ice if this were mine !

Frosty Seat
Probably not a good idea to sit on this.

Low Winter Light Reflections
Really caught my eye.

Vacant Lot
Liked the building at the back, it looks good in colour too.

Happy New Year to everyone.