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Park Keepers Store

I have a thing about doors, I spotted this a few weeks ago on a visit to a city park.

Olympus 1S2000 – Fomapan 400 asa – Kodak D76

I also really liked the faded colour.
Sigma DP1 – 3 shot HDR

I wonder what they keep in that store.


Yesterdays (Tuesday) walk to town

The weather wasn’t really great for photography as I set out, misty grey autumn skies.

You can just see the university building emerging from the mist

Work goes on

My favourite tree in HDR (Horse Chestnut) starting to change colour


Plastic Flowers (digital version) I like the film version a bit better although the lighting was very different

Polite, New Plank and Infrared

A few more images from Friday.

I cut through an alleyway and spotted this lovely jumble.

New Plank

My Garden in infrared
It wasn’t really infrared weather on Friday but I had just found my Hoya R72 filter and thought I would give it a try. The sigma only goes up to 800asa so the exposure was quite long, 2 seconds at f5.6. I really must get that (Ailanthus altissima) Tree of Heaven  pruned before it gets there.

Slow Autumn

Autumn is very slow this year in making it’s appearance in my part of the UK, I’m not complaining as the temperatures are still good.

Two From The Garden

The Mushrooms Are Back
I used a Polarising filter on the Sigma DP1, it really gives the colours a boost, must be something to do with the Foveon sensor it uses.

Man Conkers the world by Conkering himself
On the way to town this morning.

Friday trip to town


Actually took the bus to town this time so I could walk out to an area I haven’t visited for years, Leicester’s Abbey Park.

Bat Brolly 
Well it looked bat like to me.

Abbey of St Mary of the Meadows
According to the information board the Abbey was founded in about 1143 and closed in 1538 by Henry v111 (who else !) so it lasted for nearly 400 years.

The Abbey Church ruins

The Gate House

I then got besotted with a modernish door I found just behind the Gate House !

I also took along a film camera with me, hopefully should have processed the film by tomorrow (Sunday).

Yesterday’s walk to town

Made a quick trip into town for the usual cat food top up and a little bit of food for me. The weather was really good although the lighting was quite harsh so I was shooting mainly in HDR mode on the Sigma DP1.

Busy busy
I used to work here in the late 1980’s when it was the council headquarters, the building started falling apart so they demolished it last year. There was lots of movement in the scene the 3 shot HDR captured a bit of it.

No thanks

Taggers notice board !

Black & White
SDIM2099_100_101-Edit  SDIM2102_3_4-Edit


Looking for inspiration

Really missing my relatives in Latvia and the vibe of Riga. Inspiration/enthusiasm is at a bit of a low point. Went to a music gig at a local bar last night, a friend of mine was playing he’d just come back from a holiday in the USA, visiting music cities (Memphis, Nashville, & New Orleans) The gig was great, some friends turned up, a lot of beer was consumed so feeling a bit delicate today ! But I feel a little bit more inspired.

One from last week !

Glass Bricks in HDR

The Red Shoes