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Riga – Olympus XA Ilford HP5+ #2

Musical Canopy
It’s probably got nothing to do with music but it reminded me of a harp or a treble clef.

Baby Face

Parrot Repairs !


Pentax Z50p Part 3

It’s taken most of the day for me to recover from last night, 5 pints of Flying Scotsman !!!! and a great evening of live music at a friends gig in town.

On these photo’s I used the Pentax SMC M 50mm f1.7 with a yellow filter, never been a great fan of 50mm lenses always prefered wider angle, but have seen some really good images on a few of the blogs I follow, it’s growing on me.

Reaching for the sky






Pentax Z50p (I did it again !)


Been on that auction site again, saw this Pentax Z50p with 28-80mm zoom, put in a bid and got it for £12.50p inc postage. The other lens is a 50mm 1.7 that I’ve had for some time. Camera and lens needed a good clean as they were both dusty but it came up really well.

Not the cricket ground !

My favourite tree (again)Image5-copy

One month later

Symmetrical (almost)Image11-copy

Ilford HP5+ Developed in Kodak D76 Stock, these were taken with the 28-80 mm.


Olympus XA2 & HP5+

I have had a roll of Ilford HP5+ in my Olympus XA2 since the middle of November, finally got around to processing it last night. I used Kodak D76 1+1, this was my favourite developer when I used to shoot film only. Having to re-learn the processing techniques. I bought the XA2 a few years ago, it wasn’t in very good condition, very dusty and the light seals were all gunky. I cleaned it up and replaced the seals and put it in the cupboard ! So I thought it was time to take for an outing.