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Konica AA35 part 2

The remaining images from my Konica AA35, considering the film got stuck in the processing machine at the shop I’m surprised so many came out OK.


Two’s Company

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Day & Night


Fancy Iron

I could barely see an image on the Fancy Iron shot but the Nikon scanner managed to extract what there was. Really impressed with the Konica and with Kodak Colorplus. Another roll is already in the camera, hopefully it will have an uneventful journey through the processing machine when I take it in. 


Konica AA35 and a film that nearly wasn’t

I bought this little Konica AA35 half frame camera about 12 years ago from that auction site, think I paid about £11.00 ($13.50) and felt a bit ripped off as the battery compartment door was damaged. A bit of electrical tape sorted it out and it works fine. I put a roll of film through it and was impressed by the quality of the lens which is a 24mm (35mm approx in full frame) It then went back into the cupboard until a couple of weeks ago. Loaded it with a roll of Kodak ColorPlus and and when I’d finished the roll took it in to the local 1 hour photolab. Went back to collect the film and the sales assistant said, very sheepishly, it’s got stuck in the machine, the leader has come off, never mind I said I’ll come back tomorrow and see if you have managed to retrieve it. Well half the film was rescued and they gave me a fresh roll of film as compensation.

Frosty Bowls
This is quite near to where I live and I tend to use it as a lens test subject.

You Learn Something New Every Day
Agnes Archer Evans  well I never knew that. A pioneering women in the women’s suffrage movement and girls education. The Belmont School she founded is now a rather nice hotel that I pass by on my walk into town, and now look upon in a different light.