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Thursday Doors


Been trying (with limited success) to get some door theme’s together for future “Thursday Doors” postings over at the Norm 2.0  blog, do go and check it out. It’s been difficult to get any decent images because the weather has been dull and grey in my part of the UK.

Have You Made Your Peace it says on one of the signs
Fortunately Monday of this week was bright and sunny and I managed to get this unusual one on a visit to the area I grew up in. Then I filled up my memory card and had forgotten to put a spare in the bag.

Great Live Music Pub
It’s been a while since I’ve been to this pub, they have great music nights and excellent beer. Getting there is no problem, it’s getting back that’s difficult !


This is a lovely old bank building in the centre of Leicester and it has recently been restored and turned into a steak house.

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Great carvings either side of the door.

Thicker undershorts required !

Haven’t been feeling very fit of late, even though I walk into the city every other day. So last weekend I cleaned and oiled my mountain bike, it’s been over a year since I last took it out for a spin. The weather this morning was great, so after wearing myself out pumping up the tyres !!! there was no going back. Armed with a small banana, a bottle of juice, and my Sigma DP1 camera I set off. Fortunately I live next to a Sustrans cycle route that takes you out into the countryside on quiet roads. It’s quite a hilly route, not the steep kind, but more of the long slog kind. Here are a few photos along the way.

Cottage – Stoughton SDIM1232_3_4-Edit

Stoughton Church SDIM1244_5_6-Edit

Blossom along the way

The Bike and Stoughton Aerodrome
You can see by the windsock I was riding into a gentle headwind, good for muscle toning I kept telling myself.

Lonesome Tree SDIM1271_2_3-Edit-Edit

St John the Baptist Church, Kings Norton
I was kindly given a guided tour of the church which was very interesting. It was built in 1775 on the site of an earlier church, and originally had a 156 ft spire, but it was destroyed by lightning in 1850.

Water trough in the church wall SDIM1283_4_5-Edit
Apparently it’s Grade 2 listed and due for restoration. The trough is fed from a water tank in the church.

Freshly ploughed field  SDIM1298_299_300-Edit-Edit

Oilseed ripening WP_20160420_12_37_47_Panorama-Edit
Panorama from the phone camera.

It was only 12 miles (19 Km) but I really enjoyed it. Although it brought home to me just how unfit I am at the moment. I really need to buy some undershorts with much thicker padding, sitting down is a delicate operation at the moment !!!!!!