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PhotoBuddies Walk


Had a PhotoBuddies walk arranged for today, but the weather was really grey and dull with added rain, so we spent most of the time in a coffee bar, which was OK by me as I had been out twice over the weekend to see bands, and consumed more than my total normal months beer intake. I took along my old Olympus E620 digital and a film camera, only used the Olympus.



New Builds
So much building work going on in the city.


With not so old TV aerial.

Eat – Drink – Furnish
No more beer – please – The pub is named after Lady Jane Grey.

Spring On The High Street

Was really good to get out of the house and meet the guys even if the weather was not being kind.


Thursday Doors

My contribution to Thursday Doors over on  Norm 2.0  Some great doors over there today.

I took these few on my walk into town on Boxing Day.

Brassy #1

Brassy #2
Solicitors and Barristers certainly like their brass plaques.

I have wanted to get a shot of this door for some time but needed to stand in the middle of what is a very busy road to get it in frame, it was almost traffic free on Boxing day.


This is what last weeks cement covered door looks like now
It’s very close to the place where they found King Richard 111’s remains, the whole area is undergoing renovation so I have been photographing as many doors as I can.

Boxing Day Walk #2

I spotted this old car park ramp ages ago but there were always lots of cars and people about. So I thought maybe on Boxing Day it would be quiet and clear of vehicles, and it was. Not an easy thing to photograph so I think another visit is needed.

Some details from around the area of the ramp.

From the snaking car park ramp I walked down to the canal.

And then back on to the road via a bridge with some great heads.

Boxing Day Walk #1

It was a lovely bright day, a little bit cold, ideal walking weather. So off I set to town with my Olympus E620. According to my MSN health & fitness phone app I walked just over five and a half miles.


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I took with me 14-42mm and 40-150mm lenses with a polariser.