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Canon EOS-500n (EOS Rebel G) #2

A few more images from the Canon 500n, Helios 44-2 lens, and expired Kodacolor 200 film.

Centre Stage
Spotted this on a walk to town, the light was catching the blooms.

Selfie !
As if, used a small extension tube on the lens.


Stoneville ! & My First Selfie

On my walk to town today I took my old Olympus E400 and the two lenses I have for it. Haven’t used the Olympus for some time preferring a compact for my town visits. But I must say although the viewfinder is relatively small it is a much pleasanter experience than trying to see the image on a screen.



I saw the nameplate on this once grand house a few weeks ago, it made me smile.

First Selfie

Selfie-My Name is

The sticker on the broken mirror says “HELLO my name is”