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Continental market in town


It was a lovely warm day on Thursday and there was a continental market set out around the clock tower and adjoining streets.


I was deliberately avoiding the French Boulangerie & Patisserie, I love French Bread and Pastries but my waistline doesn’t !!!! So I thought a photograph of it would be healthier, just as I pressed the shutter button these young women walked past, even though they aren’t in focus I like the shot.


Cat food run to town

It was very warm and humid today in my part of the UK and so I headed to the city for a cat food top up and some bits for me. I very rarely take painkillers but must have pulled something at the week end whilst gardening :>( and decided not to be a martyr any longer and purchased a pack of joint and back capsules. My favourite busker was in town singing a good selection of summery songs right under the clocktower.

If I had a bit more nerve I would love to have taken a picture of the women in the background with the interesting sunglasses.




I want one of these !

“The Shed”
Just down from the main entrance, I really like the colours and textures.
This was my place of choice after all the other music venues had closed for the night, I don’t think I have the stamina nowadays to carry on until 4am !!!!

Quick Walk To The City


It’s a big day for Leicester today, the Football team are touring the city after winning (against all odds) the Premiership League. A lot of the roads were closed and parts of the city were cordoned off. Tonight Kasabian (formed in Leicester) are giving a free concert in the park I normally walk through on my way to town. I am not a big football fan but it’s really good for the people of the City. I managed grab a few photographs on my way into the town.


Kasabian Stage Sound Check


Getting a good spot

Not to be messed with 

Walk (slowly) to the town

Took a slow walk to town this morning, slow because I am still aching a bit from yesterday’s bicycle ride !!!!  There was a continental street market on in the centre, not quite the same as the lovely markets in France but a nice surprise. I still can’t overcome my shyness towards street photography so all photo’s were taken from the hip, some at alarming angles, but easily corrected in Lightroom.

Decisions, Decisions SDIM1323-Edit

Amazing Hair SDIM1315-Edit

Keeping it tidy SDIM1314-Edit

Pancakes and Clogs SDIM1326-Edit

Legally Blue SDIM1324-Edit

Looking at you SDIM1316-Edit

What really caught my eye were the couple at the Newspaper stand. I cropped in on the next image.

Husband & Wife or Brother & Sister ?


Ricoh XR-X


I did it again, bought another film camera. This time it’s a Ricoh XR-X, it came with a Rikenon 35-70mm zoom, a Mitakon 24mm f2.5, a Mitakon 80-200mm zoom, a nice bag and a really good cable release which doesn’t actually work with this camera. All for £14.00p ($20.00) + p&p. Loaded it with a roll of Agfa Vista 200asa and went walkabout. It’s a heavy camera considering the case is plastic, I’m guessing that there must be some metal inside, not to mention the 4AA batteries that power it.

Brutal (back of the courthouse)
Brutal XR-X
Mitakon 24mm f2.5

I found the Mitakon 24mm to be very prone to flare, reducing image contrast. So I sent off for a wide angle lens hood for £2.35p ($3.33) inc postage, it’s really nicely made out of alloy. Will try another roll through it and see if it improves the contrast. I guess I have been spoilt by my lovely Zuiko 24mm 2.8, one of the best lenses I have.

Walk to town

It’s a lovely spring day today in my part of the UK. So I walked into town to top up the food supplies (Cat & Human !) I also needed a pet hair brush for the vacuum cleaner, my two moggies are starting to moult.

Brassy Barristers

My favourite busker was in town joined by an impromptu dancer.

Rock & Roll #1_3310432-Edit-Edit

Rock & Roll #2_3310429-Edit


Trip to town

Rather than my usual walk to town I decided to take the bus, not sure why ! Got a text from a friend saying am in the coffee house where are you ? the meetup hadn’t registered on my phone calendar, luckily I was nearly in the city. Then I bumped into a friends wife who knew my friend but hadn’t seen him for years and came along too. So getting the bus today was meant to happen.

Taking in the sunEPL1 Bear
I hope his owner comes to retrieve him.

GovernmentEPL1 FTG
Sorry about this one, I couldn’t resist. It’s on the side of the Job Centre building !