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Thursday Doors


A few doors from my walkabouts over the last 2 to 3 weeks. If you would like to see some great doors from around the world pop over to Dan Antions excellent blog.



Portal ?


Oh dear.




Tagged out.


And finally a window from the same building as the door above. Loved all the different types of glass
used for repairs.



Thursday Doors


A few more doors from my walks, mainly to the music pub or to meet friends at a pub in town. I’ve been trying to get my fitness levels up after testing positive for Covid at the beginning of March, I self isolated for 14 days and that took it’s toll as I spent most of the time in the house. Managed to walk 6 miles on Tuesday and it was OK, so getting there.

To see some Doors from all over the world head over to Dan Antions excellent blog.

The flowers above the door caught my eye on this one.


The colour and window on this one.


The style of this one.


And this one on the right.


A window to finish with.


Thursday Doors


Some doors and gates spotted on my wanderings over the last two weeks. To see some excellent doors from around the world pop over to Dan Antions “Thursday Doors”

As well as the door it was the curved glass that caught my eye.


Sweeny Todd !


A fancy Gate


A Shapley Gate


Dentist’s Surgery entrance


Appartments, just down the road from the Dentist


Another Lovely Gate

Could This Be Spring ?


Arranged to meet an old friend yesterday for a bite to eat and a beer or two. It was the first time in months that I didn’t need to wear a thermal T Shirt. The sun was out and it was a balmy 19deg C / 66deg F, it actually felt like a spring day. I took my battered Sigma DP1 camera with me on my walk to the pub. Here’s a few images along the way.

Thursday Doors


Managed to photograph a few doors on my way to the music pub last Friday. Haven’t felt much like taking any images lately, but the weather was reasonable if not that warm, and the thought of meeting friends and some good beer and music spurred me on. Check out Dan Antions blog for a great selection of doors from around the world.

I like the slightly tatty doors the best.
Love the old Victorian villas that have names.

Great brickwork and canopy.

Another named one.

Two for one.

A nice textured Blue one.



The last few weeks have been a bit thought provoking for me, three people I know have passed to the next life, although they weren’t close friends they will be missed. On top of that one my oldest buddies was misdiagnosed with a serious disease, after further investigation all he requires is a straightforward op, phew. So I have been pondering a lot about life and such. Haven’t been out taking many photographs just a few quick digital shots with the Sigma DP1 on my way into town or the local shops.  

The Circus Was In Town

I do like American rigs.

Outdoor Living

Writing On The Wall
Semi HDR

From this morning :-

Leaf Litter

Still Some Green


Not The Comfy Chair

” Happy Halloween “