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Places I’ll Never Forget #8


From my first visit to the USA in 1992 ! All the images were shot on Kodachrome (of course) with an Olympus OM2n and Zuiko 24mm lens.

Kodachrome Basin UT
Fantastic rock formations and a menacing sky, what more could I want.

After walking up a trail to the top of the rocks behind the first image, this was the lovely view. It really reminded me of cowboy country.

Petrified Forest National Park AZ
The landscape was almost lunar.

Some of the colours of the petrified wood were so vivid.

I would love to one day go and revisit some of these places, but the £ needs to gain a bit of value before that happens.


Places I’ll Never Forget (Hopefully !) #1

White Rim Overlook, Canyonlands UT
Olympus OM2n, Zuiko 135mm, Kodachrome. 

This was taken in 1995 on a road trip holiday to the USA. The expanse of the view and Mars like land forms really blew me away.