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Praktica Super TL


I bought this camera a couple of years ago but hadn’t used it because the original 50mm lens (Meyer Optik Görlitz) was well and truly gummed up, didn’t mind too much as it was from a charity and wasn’t expensive. So when my sister dropped in the Zenit 19  for me to look at I used the Bell & Howell 35-105mm macro zoom lens that came with it to test out the Praktica. I had some Kodacolor 200 film that came with another camera, I had no idea how old it was and judging by the results it was well past it’s best. 

What A Relief

Alternate Universe

Keeping Watch

Winter Eye

The camera weighs a ton with the zoom lens, but I enjoyed using it. The lens is very good, think it’s made by Tokina. 


Minolta Hi-Matic – Silly Mistake


I bought this camera about 3 months ago from that auction site, cost me £6.51p, ($8.51 – €7.52) I was the only bidder. It’s the original 1962 model and came with a nice leather holdall, camera case, Actina lens hood, a lovely cable release and the Metz flash gun which had badly corroded batteries inside, but it’s also mains powered. After replacing the 1960’s 2 pin mains plug with a modern 3 pin the flash functioned as it should. The focusing is slightly stiff but got better with use, and the meter functions, good job as it’s an auto only camera. So I loaded it up with Eastman XX and went for a walk.

Serbian Orthodox Church #1

My silly mistake was during processing the film, after the developer I poured in the stop bath, got distracted and poured in what I thought was the fixer solution, after a minute I realised I’d poured the developer back in, not a good thing to do with this film as it blows highlights really easily.

Serbian Orthodox Church #2

19th-20th-21st century architecture

The rangefinder seems accurate

Sharp Lens

100% crop from above

Photina TLR (and Mimi !)


The camera was good to use, I soon got used to the front shutter release. Will be taking this one out again soon, and will make sure to dev the film properly.

Mansfield Skylark


With a name like that I just had to put in a bid for it ! There’s not that much information on the web about the Skylark, it was apparently made by Pal in Japan mainly for the American market. The lens is a 40mm fixed focus with auto aperture and shutter speed, and there are settings for 10 – 200 asa film. I had a few rolls of Kodak TMax 100 in the fridge expired about 1992 ish. Never really got on with TMax always preferred Plus X or Tri X. I thought the TMax would be a good film to try with stand development using Rodinal 1-100 dilution.

Bowling Club

This sign for the bowling club is just around the corner from where I live and I tend to use it as a test shot for any new camera.

Horse Chestnut

My favourite tree on my walk into town.

At your convenience 

Mansfield-Skylark-#7It’s amazing what you can find tucked away. It looks like the closest focus is about 5-6 feet.

The most boring door ?

Mansfield-Skylark-#9It must be one of the most bland doors I’ve found (so far)

Contre jour (well almost nearly)


And again


Special Train

Mansfield-Skylark-#26 Not sure why this train is special but there were quite a few people photographing it.

The little Mansfield Skylark quite impressed me as did the TMax and stand development, a camera I shall certainly use again.