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Lomo in the chemists


I bought this Zenith Lomo about 15 years ago from a chemists shop for £8.00p. It was one of those lovely old fashioned shops, the owner being an active member of the local photographic community, and he always had a few cameras and lenses for sale in the window. Sadly he passed away sometime ago and the shop which is still a chemists has become like all the other aluminium windowed shops. I have only used the Lomo once or twice and liked it’s vignetting and the weird colours it produces sometimes.

Thought it was about time it had another outing. While loading the camera I noticed the light seals are disintegrating and really need replacing. After finishing the film it promptly tore in half during rewinding, so into the changing bag and after some cussing I managed to get most of the film back into the cassette.

Suburban Blues


Agfa Vista 200asa


Ricoh XR-X – last few shots

I didn’t really gel with the Ricoh, but it was probably the day, wasn’t really feeling inspired. The Rikenon P 35-70 f3.5-4.5 is a nice lens so I will persevere with it and try some Black & White film next time out.

Ricoh XR-X – Rikenon P 35-70mm f3.5-4.5, Agfa Vista 200asa

Two At Once
Ricoh XR-X – Rikenon P 35-70mm f3.5-4.5, Agfa Vista 200asa

Light The Way
Ricoh XR-X – Rikenon P 35-70mm f3.5-4.5, Agfa Vista 200asa

Ricoh XR-X


I did it again, bought another film camera. This time it’s a Ricoh XR-X, it came with a Rikenon 35-70mm zoom, a Mitakon 24mm f2.5, a Mitakon 80-200mm zoom, a nice bag and a really good cable release which doesn’t actually work with this camera. All for £14.00p ($20.00) + p&p. Loaded it with a roll of Agfa Vista 200asa and went walkabout. It’s a heavy camera considering the case is plastic, I’m guessing that there must be some metal inside, not to mention the 4AA batteries that power it.

Brutal (back of the courthouse)
Brutal XR-X
Mitakon 24mm f2.5

I found the Mitakon 24mm to be very prone to flare, reducing image contrast. So I sent off for a wide angle lens hood for £2.35p ($3.33) inc postage, it’s really nicely made out of alloy. Will try another roll through it and see if it improves the contrast. I guess I have been spoilt by my lovely Zuiko 24mm 2.8, one of the best lenses I have.

Olympus OM40 – Part 5


Olympus OM40 – Zuiko 50mm f1.8

In the early 1960’s we used to shop here, an annual visit for clothes for Dad and me. I got my first Beatle jacket, polo neck sweater and John Lennon hat at this shop. It looks like it closed it’s doors quite some time ago.