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Good Medicine


My cold and catarrh is finally easing, feeling a lot better now, I’m sure the walk to the music pub in the fresh air on Friday helped, not to mention 2 1/2 pints of proper beer, a southern comfort, and socialising with friends.

My best buddy got up and sang a song with the band, so good to hear her sing again.

Slowly Getting Back to Some Kind of Normality (Hopefully) Bitter – Sweet

Friday afternoon gig,

Went to a gig at a local pub on Friday, so good to get some normality back into daily life. I was at junior school with the guitarist, we’re going back to 1959/60 here ! and, as an added bonus Ann Duggan turned up and sang a couple of numbers with the band. It was so good to be out socially again, enjoying a beer or two and catching up with old friends.

The “Bitter Sweet” part of the title is the passing away a week ago of a friend, she was so vivacious, lively and generous, and will be dearly missed, so many good memories.

A few times there were tears in my eyes remembering her dancing by the stage with my best friend.

Walking home it was really misty, I had only brought my phone with me, so excuse the image quality.