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“Happy New Year”

The weather over the last few days has been damp, cold, dull and misty. I managed to get into town last Wednesday, It was cold but bright and I took a few images on my walk in. 

Frosty Top
Now I wouldn’t mind cleaning off the ice if this were mine !

Frosty Seat
Probably not a good idea to sit on this.

Low Winter Light Reflections
Really caught my eye.

Vacant Lot
Liked the building at the back, it looks good in colour too.

Happy New Year to everyone.


Today’s Walk to Town


It was a lovely bright (chilly) autumn morning here in my part of the UK. I needed to get the usual cat food supplies and also some decorating materials for the loo, I foolishly decided it needed a make over. My house is quite old (1929), so any attempt at redecoration always brings unforeseen problems. I took my Sigma DP1 and a film camera with me, here are a few digital images from the walk in.


Lovely Trees

Take the weight off

Kissing Couch Bench

As Far as The Eye Can See

Christmas Tree and The Clock Tower


A few more from the Abbey

Sequoia SDIM0719SDIM0720_1_easyHDR I couldn’t believe it when I saw the Sequoia in the grounds of the Abbey. It brought back happy memories of when I visited the Giant Redwoods in Northern California.

Old tree stump & cross
SDIM0797_8_9_easyHDR-EditThere were quite a few crosses with numbered plaques around the grounds, must find out what they are !

HDR FlareSDIM0785_HDRThe Sigma DP1 produces some strange colours when shooting towards the sun, but I like this one.

Hills & Mole Hills
SDIM0764 B&W Edit

SDIM0764-EditThere are actually lots of Mole hills at the top of the hill !!! I couldn’t decide between the colour or Black & White ?

Green Gate
SDIM0767-EditI can’t resist photographing a good door or gate.


I must have walked past this bench a 100 times or more. They are renovating the building and there were people in hard hats and clipboards walking around this morning which grabbed my attention.
Sigma DP1, New Walk, Leicester.