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What A Difference A Day Makes

After the awful weather over the last few days it was great to wake up to a warm sunny morning. I needed to go into town to stock up on essentials, have a film developed, and donate a box of kitten food to my neighbour who’s feeding the feral cats that have camped out in her garden. Managed to take a few photographs on the walk in.

Sunshine & Leaves

Tranquility Seats


A Bit Of Colour

A Bit Of Texture

Renovations In The Market Place
Took this as a 2 shot vertical panorama

Building On The Circle
There’s a lot of building going on in the city at the moment, unfortunately most of it is bland apartment blocks, no doubt this will be the same !


Quick Walk To Town


Yesterday I needed to top up cat food supplies (very important) and cake supplies for me ! So I took a quick walk to town, the weather wasn’t bad if a bit breezy. Took the Sigma with me to get a few shots if anything caught my eye.

Hi Five

Foot Pain

Purple Haze

The hanging baskets outside the cathedral were looking good.

Not sure why I like this, possibly the leaves contrasting with the modernish building.

No idea what this thing is supposed to do, looked through it at all angles but all I saw was a blur, not the kaleidoscope effect I was expecting.

“Happy New Year”

The weather over the last few days has been damp, cold, dull and misty. I managed to get into town last Wednesday, It was cold but bright and I took a few images on my walk in. 

Frosty Top
Now I wouldn’t mind cleaning off the ice if this were mine !

Frosty Seat
Probably not a good idea to sit on this.

Low Winter Light Reflections
Really caught my eye.

Vacant Lot
Liked the building at the back, it looks good in colour too.

Happy New Year to everyone.

Why did I decide to redecorate the loo !

As I thought it’s taking me twice as long to redecorate loo, deciding to clear out the pantry hasn’t helped either. But my two cats have been very good by not getting in the way although they are a bit freaked as everything is in such a mess, a little spray of feliway helps keep them calm. I haven’t had a chance to get out and take any photographs so here are a few from September with the Olympus iS1000.

Shopping Centre
Really liked the geometric shapes and reflections

Building the Future !




Panorama Building

Took this shot/s last week on a walk to the city. My Sigma DP1 doesn’t have a panorama mode so I set it to manual and stitched the 2 images together in Lightroom. I have always been impressed with this industrial building and thankfully it has recently been restored rather than demolished. I posted a photo of the doorway before the restoration work was carried out on https://legionofdoorwhores.wordpress.com/2015/02/15/it-all-starts-with-the-rats/

The Pfister and Vogel building (built 1923)