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Last few from the Canon Prima 130

IvyCanon-Prima-130-Image9The sun was shining full on to the Ivy, the canon metering coped really well with the lighting.

Tree ShadowCanon-Prima-130-Image23

Top of the wheelCanon-Prima-130-Image19-copy-Edit

Canal Window

Canon Prima 130 Image16-Edit
This shot was processed through Lightroom as it was a bit flat, it was a dull day.

Really enjoyed using the little Canon and was surprised at the results from it. I think developing the Fomapan in Kodak D76 made a difference (for me anyway)



I can’t resist !

_A110013-HDR-Edit Sometimes I can’t resist buying cameras, I saw this on that auction site and put in a bid, no one else placed a bid so I got it for £1.99p + postage. I don’t think it has ever been used. The lens is a 38mm to 130mm, it’s a bit slow f5.6 at 38mm to f12.5 at 130mm. The thing I like about it is you can set it to my mode, for me thats switching the flash off. I loaded it with Fomapan 200asa and took some shots around town during November and December.

Preening SwanCanon-Prima-130-Image3

Gargoyle Canon-Prima-130-Image4

Town Hall Square FountainCanon-Prima-130-Image6

This one was shot towards the sun, really surprised how well the lens coped with the lighting.

I haven’t been very happy with the results I was getting from Fomapan using Rodinal developer so I decided to go back to my old favourite Kodak D76. I used stock solution, it seemed to work for me. I’ll post a few more shots over the next few days.

Mamiya U

I thought this camera was fairly rare but have since found some user blogs about it. I bought my Mamiya U about 10 years ago but never got around to using it. So I loaded it up with Fomapan 200 asa, the negatives turned out a bit thin with blocked up shadow detail although my Nikon scanner did quite a good job. Not sure if the temperature dropped or I need to develop for another minute.


Nature fighting backMamiya-U---#3


Door to ?Mamiya-U---#25

A phone for youMamiya-U---#20

Not the sharpest lens but I haven’t applied much sharpening in post process, maybe a different film type might suit the Mamiya.

Olympus OM2sp, Vivitar 19mm 3.8, & Fomapan 200


I haven’t used my old Olympus for quite some time so I popped on the Vivitar 19mm, loaded up with Fomapan 200 and went for a walk around town (still without a car) The Vivitar isn’t a very sharp lens especially in the corners and it has some quite strong distortions. I wanted to photograph some doors for possible posting on the legionofdoorwhores.wordpress.com/ blog and some architecture.


You can see the distortion by the wavy lines of the tiles.


This door is very near to where they found the skeleton of King Richard 111 and the whole area is undergoing restoration, I prefer it as it is.


This tree (I believe it is a horse chestnut) next to the museum has always attracted me.

I was quite impressed with the negatives from the Fomapan 200, it was developed in Rodinal 1-50 for 9 minutes, 8 minutes would probably have given a bit more detail in the shadows. I did very little to the scans other than levels a bit of sharpening, and some spotting out of specs of dust.