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Trouble with an Aires #3

Extreme Ironing
I pass by this location about once a fortnight if I need to shop locally, and there always seems to be something interesting left outside!

Hacked Off
A bit of autumn pruning and a chance to test the accuracy  of the rangefinder.

Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim

While I was out and about with the Olympus XA2 I also took my £1.99p Vivitar UW&S with me. I used a local photo printing shop for processing, the staff were very friendly and helpful, £2.00p for process only, 1/2 hour turnaround time. The only problem was the amount of dust and fingerprints on the negatives, so I had to use digital ICE on the scanner to get a clean scan.

The Queen Of HeartsImage20viv-copy

The Duke (again)Image16viv-copy

I’m not sure the duke would be impressed. I liked the colours though and even on a dull day they came out quite bright, especially the acid house cushions !