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Thursday Doors


I’m still suffering with a cold (it’s getting better) so haven’t been out and about to capture any door images. These are from last November/January in my local area. Check out Dan Antion’s blog page for lots of amazing Thursday Doors and stories.

Congregational Church. Agfa Parat – Fomapan 100 @ 200asa – Ilford Ilfosol
A hairdressers salon, could have done with colour film for this one, really bright décor. Agfa Parat – Fomapan 100 @ 200asa – Ilford Ilfosol
Old Gate. Sigma DP1 – Analog EfeX

Agfa Paramat #1


Image25 copy
I took this image on Kodak Tri-X with the Minolta X700 using the macro setting on the zoom lens.

I bought the little Agfa Paramat about 10 years ago, ran 1 roll of film through it to check it was working and then put it away. Thought it was about time for another outing. It’s a half frame camera, fully auto, if there’s enough light you see a green dot in the viewfinder, and a red dot if there isn’t. Focusing is by guesstimating although there are markings for Portrait, Group, and landscape. The fastest film speed the meter will handle is 200 asa, so I loaded it with Agfa Vista 200 and set off on a cold but very bright day to the Botanic Gardens.

000107580007 copy

I was really surprised given the age of the camera and the bright contrasty lighting how well it functioned.

000107580009 copy


000107580036 copy

My feeble attempt at a diptych !

000107580042 copy

000107580043 copy

000107580049 copy

About half way through the roll of film the wind on lever started to get tight, I guessed it must have been condensation as the film had been in the fridge and I probably hadn’t given it enough time to acclimatise, but all was OK. The local quick photo store had their film processor down so I sent the film off to FilmDev, they did a really great job, lovely clean negs and scans (their minimum size)


Yashica Samurai X3.0 #1


Yashica Samurai x3.0
Thought it was about time the Yashica had another outing, bought this lovely camera around 10 years ago, and only ever put 1 roll of film through it. So when I met up with my photowalk buddies a couple of weeks ago I took it along loaded with some Kodacolor 200 that had expired in 2001. The Yashica is an auto only camera but has a 35 – 105mm zoom lens and through the lens viewfinder.

Old Lantern




Really enjoyed using the Yashica, and considering how old the film was the results were pretty good. Think it deserves a fresh roll of film for it’s next outing.

Konica AA35 and a film that nearly wasn’t

I bought this little Konica AA35 half frame camera about 12 years ago from that auction site, think I paid about £11.00 ($13.50) and felt a bit ripped off as the battery compartment door was damaged. A bit of electrical tape sorted it out and it works fine. I put a roll of film through it and was impressed by the quality of the lens which is a 24mm (35mm approx in full frame) It then went back into the cupboard until a couple of weeks ago. Loaded it with a roll of Kodak ColorPlus and and when I’d finished the roll took it in to the local 1 hour photolab. Went back to collect the film and the sales assistant said, very sheepishly, it’s got stuck in the machine, the leader has come off, never mind I said I’ll come back tomorrow and see if you have managed to retrieve it. Well half the film was rescued and they gave me a fresh roll of film as compensation.

Frosty Bowls
This is quite near to where I live and I tend to use it as a lens test subject.

You Learn Something New Every Day
Agnes Archer Evans  well I never knew that. A pioneering women in the women’s suffrage movement and girls education. The Belmont School she founded is now a rather nice hotel that I pass by on my walk into town, and now look upon in a different light.