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Zenit 19 (House Brick !)


My sister bought the Zenit 19 from a charity shop for £10.00p hoping it would be a good starter film camera for my niece, and would I try it out to see if it works. I’d never seen this model before, it’s quite old but has some good features, shutter speed to 1/ 1000th of a second and stop down metering. The bad thing about it is that it should take two PX625 mercury batteries, I used 675 hearing aid batteries and a coil of silicon tube to hold them in place. The Zenit weighs a ton and the meter is really slow to react compared to a more modern film camera.

It came with a Bell & Howell 35-105mm zoom lens, which looks very similar if not the same as a Tokina. I decided to try it with my newer version Helios 58mm lens and a roll of Kodacolor 200, expired in 2001. The hardest part was trying to find a day with some semi reasonable weather.

Still Clinging On
Image2 copy 

Contre Jour Cafetiere & Hands
Image9 copy

Watchful Eye 
Image12 copy

Bokeh and Barbwire
Image13 copy

St Stephens & Winter Sky
Image15 copy

Barbwire & Snow
Image18 copy

Captured Star
Image20 copy

Knot & Ice
Image25 copy

Not really a camera for a beginner, although I really enjoyed using it. Managed to get a Pentax Z50p with 28- 80mm af zoom lens for my my niece for only a couple of pounds more than the Zenit, it should be a lot easier for her to use, it’s certainly a lot lighter ! 

In my garden

Today started off reasonably bright but there was rain in the air. So it was a quick bus ride to and from town, just made it back home before the rain started. Last week was so different, lovely and warm and sunny. I took a few photo’s of some flowers in my garden with the Olympus EPL1 and the Helios 58mm lens.

This Rose is in my front garden and has a lovely scent.

The Bee’s really like the Salvia

Nepeta Sibirica_6090662-Edit
Nepeta Sibirica (Catmint) I’m really surprised this has survived, as my two cats and the neighbourhood waifs and strays really like nibbling at it.

PS. it’s just started thundering and lightning and raining really hard :>(