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After having a tooth extraction on Tuesday, (it was and still is a bit painful) and visiting an old buddy in Stamford on weds/thurs, staying up till 4am drinking wine and cider (after a night around the town) I’m in recovery mode, this will be short lived as I’m out tonight with my printing buddies for a beer and curry night !!!!! On the Wednesday at Stamford we took a walk to the 16th century Burghley House (link to Wikipedia), can’t believe I haven’t visited before. Of course I hadn’t brought a camera with me so I had to use the phone for some snapshots, couldn’t see the screen most of the time.

The Lads
The driveway up to the house.

So Many Lovely Trees


First View of the House



The grounds were lovely, and there was a good cafe and shop where I nearly bought a hat. Must have a look around the house next time I’m over in Stamford, it looks really impressive.


Stanford Hall Founders Day


An old friend of mine (whom I’ve known since I was 8 years old) and his wife very kindly took me me on a visit to Stanford Hall, Leicestershire for the annual Founders Day motorcycle event on the 23 July. It must be 20 years or more since I last visited, and that was for the Classic VW show. I had a thing about Beetles at that time, wish I still had one. The weather has been a bit patchy over the last week or so but we were lucky yesterday, it kept dry and we even had some sunshine. I took my Olympus EPL1 with me to get a few shots of the bikes, didn’t take too many as it can be quite boring for people who aren’t taking photo’s.

Stanford Hall

BSA Golden Flash

BSA V Twin Sidecar Outfit

The BSA was immaculate

3 Wheelers
I would love one of these !


All in all a great day out with good company.

Saturday walk


I was hoping the weather was going to be ok today, but no it was not to be. Undaunted I set off for the town, it was drizzling rain, the need for some exercise spurred me on. Managed a few images with the Sigma on the way, and walked 5 1/2 miles.

High Chair

The Coke Side Of Life

Window Tax
This is an old building so could have been subject to window tax which lasted until the 1850’s.

2 From The Museum Grounds


Life Will Take Hold

With The Grain

Art Deco
Something new learned today. This used to be Goddards silver polish factory built in the early 1930’s. It’s listed as an historic building so should escape the developers.

My Healthy Brunch

Avocado, hard boiled egg, a squeeze of lime and a toasted bun. Delicious and healthy, as recommended by Alexandra.

Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum

Just on the edge of Riga is the Ethnographic Museum, I first visited the site in 1993, at that time it was just getting started so it was really good to go back and see how it has come along. They have lots of exhibitions, festivals, and craft fairs throughout the year, not to mention an excellent shop/cafe that sells lovely food and Latvian beer.

Here are a few photographs from the museum site, as usual could have spent a lot longer looking around.

Old Wooden Mill

Roof Detail

Bee Hive

Mossy roof on this old farm building

While we were waiting for my relatives at the end of our visit this lovely affectionate cat came and sat by us demanding lots of fuss, a great way to end our day.

Riga – St Peter’s Church

While we were in Riga Old Town we visited St Peter’s church and took a trip to the top of the tower, fortunately there was a lift !

St Peter’s Church
St Peters Church Tower

The Latvian youth orchestra were rehearsing, I could have stayed and listened all afternoon.

Part of the old town and the River Daugava

Old town and Market
The first time I visited Riga I thought the market was the railway station, it was the canopied roofs that fooled me. The tower top right is the TV and Radio transmitter.

Riga Rooftops

National Library of Latvia
National Library of Latvia
This striking looking library building was completed in 2014
For the last two shots above I used my old Helios 58mm lens on the Olympus EPL1 to give me a short telephoto.

One from the Olympus XA
I just grabbed this shot, the Dove caught my eye.


Ratae Corieltauvorum

Sigma DP1

Ratae Corieltauvorum, also known as Leicester (my hometown) is a very historical place, well what’s left of it after the planners came in and demolished swathes of the city for the sake of the motor car !
This is the Jewry Wall and directly behind it St Nicholas’ Church (known locally as Holy Bones) The wall is apparently the second largest piece of surviving civil Roman building in Britain. Originally it separated the Palaestra  (type of gymnasium) from the Frigidarium (a large cold pool) in the Roman baths. It looked good today in the autumn light.