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Rolling out the Rollei


I’ve had my slightly battered Rolleiflex 3.5F since the late 1980’s, the slow shutter speeds eventually started sticking so took it in to be CLA’d in 2008, and have never used it since. Thought it was about time to give it a test run. Found a roll of Ilford Delta 400 (expired 2006) and quickly shot some images with it around the garden on Friday. Developed it Friday evening in some Adox FX39, (just enough in the bottle) and let it dry overnight.

The images aren’t anything special, just wanted to know if everything was working as it should.

img02 copy
With Rolleinar II closeup lens.

It was extremely bright and sunny on Friday (still is) so the lighting was really harsh.

Blackberry Flowers
img05 copy
With Rolleinar II closeup lens in a dark part of the garden.

img06 copy
With Rolleinar II closeup lens in a dark part of the garden.

img07 copy
With Rolleinar II closeup lens in a dark part of the garden.

Fleur (Do Not Disturb)
img10 copy
Every time I moved in close to take a photo she decided to move !

Me & My Shadow with some Timber
img11 copy

Everything seems to be working fine with the camera, and considering how out of date the film was I’m quite pleased with the results. Out with the PhotoBuddies on Thursday so I might take it along with some fresh film.


Canon T70 – Last Few

Used a B&W Red filter on these last few shots.

The red filter darkens the leaves and foilage

No 3, next to the boxing club

The Red filter also darkens skies and lightens red brickwork

Straight Curve
Curve Theatre Leicester

Canon T70 #3

2 to try 1 to keep
I’ve had the Konica MT9 and Olympus AF1 Super for about 8 years, only put a film through the Konica (8 years ago) and it seemed to have a good lens. Looking forward to trying the Olympus as it is reputed to have a similar lens to the Olympus Mju. The Minox was given to me in the early 1980’s by my great aunt, It’s an original Riga made camera but needs a service, and film is quite difficult to get so I will keep it for display only.

French Lavender
This came out quite abstract looking, it must be the way the film records Green.

My favourite tree (yet again)
This was taken with the Tamron 28mm 2.5

Canon T70 (Yes another camera purchase !)

Sometime ago I acquired a Canon FD 35mm 2.8 lens, I also had a Tamron AD2 FD mount. Obviously a Canon camera body was needed. So I picked up a T70 body from a dealer for £19.00p (about $27.00 – €25.00) I decided to use a camera dealer rather than an auction site as I wanted the camera to work as it should, and also have a bit of a guarantee (too many disappointments from auction sites)


The camera works fine, and is in good condition. The lens sitting in front of the camera is a Tamron 28mm 2.5, bought new a few years ago in a clearance sale at Cecil Jacobs for £20.00 including a case. We sadly no longer have any camera shops in Leicester which is a real shame considering both Cecil Jacobs and Jessops started out in the city. So I loaded the camera with a roll of Ilford Delta 400asa (expired 2008) which I found at the back of the fridge next to a jar of out of date black olives !

Hark the Herald
This one’s quite unusual in that it’s lefthand drive, the number plate is from 1965.


King Richard 111

About halfway through the roll of film I remembered that it had only been in the fridge for a couple of years. This became apparent when I developed the film as it was very dense and grainy, and needed some adjustments in PhotoShop.