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Rundale Palace Museum (Rundales Pils) Latvia

Rundale Palace Museum (Rundales Pils)
Rolleiflex 3.5f – Carl Zeiss Tessar
I took this photo in 1992 on Konica IR750 infrared film. This was before the Rundale Palace had been restored. It looks fantastic nowadays but somehow I prefered it as it was in 1992. The Rollei lens is very sharp and I really must use it again.

Found Film

While having a bit of a sort out in my spare room I came across an exposed roll of Konica IR 750 film. It jogged the memory and I remember needing to get out into the countryside and take some photographs with my trusty Olympus OM2sp, it was probably in 2004/5. So I thought what the heck develop it up and see if anything turns out. My developer of choice would have been Ilford ID11 but I only had Rodinal, a quick visit to the (Massive Dev Chart) http://www.digitaltruth.com/devchart.php gave me the times etc. The negatives came out a bit flat but it wasn’t a very bright day and I’m sure 10 years in the cannister wouldn’t have helped. A bit of tweaking in lightroom and photoshop got some acceptable results


 The rocks are reputed to be 600 million years old !