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Summer Heat & Infrared


Summer in my part of the UK has really kicked in this week, the thermometer in my kitchen was reading 30deg C. 90deg F. not that hot compared to many places, but UK houses are built to retain heat. Consequently I didn’t get much sleep last night, so having a lazy day today, just waiting to see the first proper images from JWST and watching the Tour de France live on the TV.

All this heat prompted me to dig out some Infrared images I took in 1992 on the Isle of Eigg. When we arrived on the island it was quite cool, but the next day the temperature really rocketed. The film I used was Kodak HIE infrared with a red 25A filter on the lens. The film was quite difficult to use, has to be loaded/unloaded in total darkness, I do like some of the results though.



Across the bay to the Sgurr


The Sgurr (volcanic rock)

I have some Rollei infrared in the fridge, think it’s time I loaded some up and gave it a shot.


Places I’ll Never Forget #6 (Part 2)


Isle of Eigg – Inner Hebrides – Scotland

On The Sgùrr
The views from the top of the Sgùrr are breathtaking, it’s worth the climb. In the distance is the island of Rum, it’s a nature reserve and quite wild. I could imagine from it’s shape the time 60 million years ago when it was an active volcano.

Looking Towards Laig Bay

Laig Bay
The beach on Laig Bay is also known as Singing Sands, when you walk on the beach you hear a high pitched noise, something to do with the quartz in the sand.

There are lots of rock pools to explore and because it is on the gulf stream you can find coconut seeds and other exotic things. When I was there a Portuguese man O war jelly fish had been washed up.

Ever Changing Light

Cottage – Cleadale
There are some lovely cottages and crofts on the island, quite a few are holiday lets.

Scottish Bluebells 


I hope one day to get back to Eigg for a holiday.

Places I’ll Never Forget #6 (Part 1)


Isle of Eigg – Inner Hebrides – Scotland

I’ve visited this Island four times, it’s absolutely beautiful, and is way overdue another visit. It was one of the few places I have actually experienced silence, no traffic noise or background hum, just the natural sounds of nature.

The ferry for the Island leaves from Arisaig which is on the west coast of Scotland, north of Fort William, the road to Arisaig criss crosses under and alongside the railway used in the Harry Potter films, it’s a great road to drive. These images are from May 1991, Whitsuntide, from slides taken with my Olympus OM2n. 

Arisaig Harbour
This is very early in the morning, taken after attempting to sleeping in the car (VW Beetle) overnight !!!! Nice and calm, good job as I am not a good sailor.

On The Way To Eigg
The light can be amazing, and as a superb bonus often pilot whales will swim alongside the ferry.

An Sgùrr
The Sgùrr is probably the most notable landmark on the island, it was formed by the lava from the volcanic eruptions on the neighbouring island of Rùm about 60 million years ago.

An Sgùrr
Side view of the Sgùrr looking towards the Scottish mainland. The weather really picked up and it got hot, you can see the blue haze in the distance.

Totalled Car, Public Transport, and Old Negs


This was my lovely old passat after a car swiped the front of it, then demolishing a lamp post before finally coming to an abrupt halt by the garden wall of the house next door, fortunately no one was hurt. I certainly wasn’t as I was quietly dozing on the sofa in the backroom of my house at the time ! The insurance company said it would be uneconomical to repair my car so I am now looking for a replacement, not an easy task with what I am prepared/want to pay to be mobile again.

I have never been a great fan of public transport (but needs must now) and as I have attained a certain age I qualify for a travel card which gives me free off peak bus journeys in the city area.
So off I went this morning by bus to the other side of town to have a look at a car I had spotted online, was not that impressed with the car so back to the bus stop where a young women was also waiting, I asked her if this was the stop for going back into town, we struck up a bit of a conversation and she told me she was on her way back from art therapy which was helping her get over depression, I told her that photography kept me occupied now that I wasn’t working (by choice) and being creative certainly helped me keep my spirits up. When I got off the bus I got a lovely smile and a wave from the young women. The bus for the last part of the trip home had a lot of old age pensioners aboard, I guess Thursday must be pension day, they all seemed to be having a good time and were really enjoying their journey. Maybe bus travel isn’t so bad ?

Photina TLR

Agfa 100 asa – Northamptonshire
I bought the Photina secondhand from a local camera shop more than 20 years ago, only used it a couple of times.
When I scanned in this old negative I was amazed at the detail the lens on this humble camera had picked up.

Rolleiflex 3.5f

VIC 72 Eilean Eisdeal
Konica ir 750 – Clyde Puffer VIC 72 Eilean Eisdeal

I took this image about 20 years ago on the Isle of Eigg (west coast of Scotland), it wasn’t ideal weather for infrared but it came out ok. Again viewed at 100% the amount of detail is incredible.

Both of these TLRs will certainly be out and about with me again.