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Things are Happening in my Home town

It was a beautiful morning so up early and out for a walk.

There was a partial (very Partial) eclipse of the sun the light was very strange and ethereal, birds began the dawn chorus over again. I walked to the nearest park and people were setting up cameras and tripods.


Another event is taking place over the weekend in the town and surrounding county.

Here’s a clue.


And another.

It’s the reburial of the remains of King Richard 111 in the cathedral.

TV crews setting up and last minute preparations going on.

I carried on with the walk, there were a few doors I wanted to photograph, then on down to the canal.

Some early blossom was out, really felt like spring is in the air.

And a canal boat was on it’s way through the lock.

If it carries on like this I can feel a bicycle ride coming on.