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A buddy of mine e-mailed me some photographs he had found from 1975. For some unknown reason I have very few photographs of myself from the 1970’s so I was really pleased to get this one. 

Robin Hoods Bay
1975 Robin Hoods Bay
28″ waist and hair, those were the days.


Coffee & Me


Met up with my PhotoBuddies this morning in a newly opened cafe. The coffee is really good, and so are the staff including “Tommo” their lovely dog . One of my buddies sneaked a couple of shots which he emailed to me this afternoon.

In The Background
Art and John 2[1388]

Full Frontal
Art and John 1[1387]
I really don’t like being photographed but this is dark enough and fairly soft focused enough to hide some of the crows feet and wrinkles. I took along my Olympus 35DC loaded with Ilford HP5+ for our Photowalk.