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Canon T70 – Last Few

Used a B&W Red filter on these last few shots.

The red filter darkens the leaves and foilage

No 3, next to the boxing club

The Red filter also darkens skies and lightens red brickwork

Straight Curve
Curve Theatre Leicester


Canon T70 #3

2 to try 1 to keep
I’ve had the Konica MT9 and Olympus AF1 Super for about 8 years, only put a film through the Konica (8 years ago) and it seemed to have a good lens. Looking forward to trying the Olympus as it is reputed to have a similar lens to the Olympus Mju. The Minox was given to me in the early 1980’s by my great aunt, It’s an original Riga made camera but needs a service, and film is quite difficult to get so I will keep it for display only.

French Lavender
This came out quite abstract looking, it must be the way the film records Green.

My favourite tree (yet again)
This was taken with the Tamron 28mm 2.5

Bilora Bella 44

SDIM_0880_0881_0882_easyHDR-Edit-Edit copy

For some reason or another I have 5 Rolls of EFKE 100-127 (Exp.2008) size film in my fridge, so when I saw the Bilora on that well known auction site I couldn’t resist.

It is in reasonable condition and I won it for a very good price.
So to test it out I took it with me to the “Outwoods” a popular location in the county I live in.

It was a pretty tough test for the camera as it was quite dark in the woods and the camera has few controls (2 shutter speeds and 2 aperture settings). I developed the film in Rodinal and hoped for the best.

img052-copy-Edit img053-copy-Edit

The lens is uncoated so you get that soft look which I quite like.
The photo’s are more or less straight from the scanner, I had to make a mask out of card for the negatives to fit into the film holder.

img048-Adj-Copy img051-Adj-Copy

I’ve 4 more rolls to use, I will try to be a bit kinder with the lighting for the next one.

Coronet Rapier

Coronet-Rapier-EditSDIM0839-EditWell I managed to run a roll of film through the Coronet Rapier, I used Ilford Delta 100 ASA and developed it in Rodinal.

The left hand photo’s are straight from the scanner, the right hand adjusted in Lightroom. and Silver Efex.

img007-Edit img007-Edit-Editimg006-Editimg006-Edit-Editimg011-Editimg011-Edit-Editimg016-Editimg016-Edit-Edit

The lens is very soft but I quite like the photo’s it gives, think It would work well with Fomapan 100.