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De Hickey’d #2


A few more images from around my hometown taken on the Olympus 35DC on Ilford HP5+ at 800asa.

War Memorial WWI 
Image3 copy
I used the back light button (BLC) for this one, seems to have worked well.

Image4 copy
Old hosiery factory, the city was famous for it’s hosiery industry.

A Bit Of Modern
Image5 copy

The Old Odeon Cinema
Image10 copy
Art Deco style which the Odeon cinema group were famous for. Went to see “A Hard Days Night” there the first week it was released in July 1964.

Curve Theatre
Image11 copy
Still haven’t been to see anything in Curve theatre as it’s mainly musicals ! But I quite like the architecture of the building.


De Hickey’d


Well I seem to have cured the hickey (UK definition !) problem by filtering the D76 developer before mixing it 1 to 1 with demineralised water, only a few spots on the negatives.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been using an Olympus 35DC, a fully auto compact rangefinder camera. The weather has been really mixed so I loaded it with Ilford HP5+ and pushed it to 800asa, the maximum the camera will set. It has a nice 40mm f1.7, 6 element lens, and is surprisingly heavy for a small camera.

Image7 copy

Comfy Coffee Shop Corner
Image2 copy
Leicester Coffee Co.

Image13 copy

Hangover !

Friday was very drab weather wise so I didn’t venture out during the day, in the evening I went into town to see a friends Band, (Dawson and The Dissenters) they were playing at a pub. Only 3 pints I told myself, of course that didn’t happen, the music was great, their own songs with a good sprinkling of Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, Creedence Clearwater etc, by the end of the night I had drank 5 pints of Courage Directors !!!!! Saturday was a stay in home and recover day. Today is Sunday and the weather is drab again, so here are a couple of photo’s from 2015.
_3240301-Edit-2-Edit   Olympus EPL1, Helios 44-2 58mm
   Old Gravestones (Braunston in Rutland)
Gravestones-Braunston in Rutland-Oly 35DC   Olympus 35DC Film Camera