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Cat Dreams


While I was editing the following images Fleur was sleeping on my lap, she was dreaming, her ears were twitching and her paws were moving. I wonder what she dreams about, I’m guessing it’s chasing other cats from her territory as we have had quite a few new cats passing through. When she wakes she looks around and seems amazed she’s on my lap and not pursuing the interlopers.

First Signs Of Spring
Spring has been slow this year, the weather has been changeable so I’ve not been out Photowalking for awhile, just nipping out into the garden trying out my new secondhand macro lens. I’m finding it hard to get it to focus exactly where I want it to, but I’m getting there.



Shy Bells


Sure Sign Of Spring

Stoneville ! & My First Selfie

On my walk to town today I took my old Olympus E400 and the two lenses I have for it. Haven’t used the Olympus for some time preferring a compact for my town visits. But I must say although the viewfinder is relatively small it is a much pleasanter experience than trying to see the image on a screen.



I saw the nameplate on this once grand house a few weeks ago, it made me smile.

First Selfie

Selfie-My Name is

The sticker on the broken mirror says “HELLO my name is”