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Last few from Latvia visit

I was hoping to post some images from my replacement Olympus OM40 that I bought a couple of months ago, I scanned the negs and when I opened them in Photoshop there were dust specs all over them. I am a man of patience but… so I will re-scan them later in the week.

So here are the last images from my Latvia visit.

Wild flowers at the family cemetery.

Grandfather, Grandmother and my Mum
Half of my Mums ashes are buried in Latvia the other half in the UK.

Three Trees
On the family farmland, one tree planted for each of my Mums brothers.

Sigulda National Park from Turaida Castle
Sigulda is a beautiful park, looking forward to visiting it again.

River Gauja

We stopped off here early evening on the way back to Riga, it’s a popular swimming and fishing spot.

Russian Orthodox Nativity Cathedral (recently restored)

Latvian Freedom Monument

Can’t wait for my next visit.


Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum

Just on the edge of Riga is the Ethnographic Museum, I first visited the site in 1993, at that time it was just getting started so it was really good to go back and see how it has come along. They have lots of exhibitions, festivals, and craft fairs throughout the year, not to mention an excellent shop/cafe that sells lovely food and Latvian beer.

Here are a few photographs from the museum site, as usual could have spent a lot longer looking around.

Old Wooden Mill

Roof Detail

Bee Hive

Mossy roof on this old farm building

While we were waiting for my relatives at the end of our visit this lovely affectionate cat came and sat by us demanding lots of fuss, a great way to end our day.

Riga – St Peter’s Church

While we were in Riga Old Town we visited St Peter’s church and took a trip to the top of the tower, fortunately there was a lift !

St Peter’s Church
St Peters Church Tower

The Latvian youth orchestra were rehearsing, I could have stayed and listened all afternoon.

Part of the old town and the River Daugava

Old town and Market
The first time I visited Riga I thought the market was the railway station, it was the canopied roofs that fooled me. The tower top right is the TV and Radio transmitter.

Riga Rooftops

National Library of Latvia
National Library of Latvia
This striking looking library building was completed in 2014
For the last two shots above I used my old Helios 58mm lens on the Olympus EPL1 to give me a short telephoto.

One from the Olympus XA
I just grabbed this shot, the Dove caught my eye.


Riga Balconies and Rooftops

I’ve been to Latvia 6 times now since 1993 to visit my lovely relatives, but this was the first time I spent most of the holiday in Riga. I really got to like Riga, needless to say the time passed too quickly and I need to go back again to take more photographs and eat more (saldējums) Latvian ice cream !



Rundale Palace Museum (Rundales Pils) Latvia

The last time I visited Rundale Palace was in 1993. Rundales Pils 1993 I mistakenly thought it was 1992 in my previous blog post about Rundale. In 1993 I had my Rolleiflex with me loaded with Konica IR750 film, there were very few people around and Storks were nesting on the chimney pots. This time I took my little olympus EPL1. It was really hot this visit 34 deg C. The restoration work that has been carried out on the building and grounds is very impressive.

Main Entrance



Wedding Photoshoot

Rear Courtyard Entrance

Panorama of the informal grounds
Rundale Pano 2016

We rounded off the visit with a lovely meal and for me a large bottle of Alus :>)

In my garden

Today started off reasonably bright but there was rain in the air. So it was a quick bus ride to and from town, just made it back home before the rain started. Last week was so different, lovely and warm and sunny. I took a few photo’s of some flowers in my garden with the Olympus EPL1 and the Helios 58mm lens.

This Rose is in my front garden and has a lovely scent.

The Bee’s really like the Salvia

Nepeta Sibirica_6090662-Edit
Nepeta Sibirica (Catmint) I’m really surprised this has survived, as my two cats and the neighbourhood waifs and strays really like nibbling at it.

PS. it’s just started thundering and lightning and raining really hard :>(