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Infrared & Reminiscing


Looking through some old negatives I came across a Kodak Infrared film that I hadn’t scanned in. There were some problems with the negs, mainly underexposure, it was November, and it had snowed overnight, the previous day being bright and sunny. 1990 I think, when I took these images near Settle North Yorkshire. They were having a French week in the town with lots of French food and Cajun bands playing in the pubs. I was up there for a photo beer weekend with former work friends. It brought back some really good memories.

Up On The Moors



Even though Kodak HIE infrared could be difficult to use (you had to load/unload the film in total darkness and keep it in the film canister when not in the camera) I really liked some of the images it could produce.

Konica IR750, Crete 1995, and Bingo.

Needed to stay at home today to wait for a parcel to be delivered, so thought I would have a look through some of my old negatives. Hadn’t realised how many negs I had just filed away without doing anything with them. Found some from a holiday to Crete in 1995 taken on Konica IR750 on my Olympus OM2n, along with Kodachrome 64 these are the two films I miss the most. On with the desktop Pc and scanner, music required so put on Steve Miller’s Bingo album, just the job.





According to my label on the neg bag I developed the film in Kodak D76, and looking at the images the lenses would have been Zuiko 24mm f2.8 and Zuiko 135mm f3.5.

Another one from 1992 USA

Anasazi Spruce House - Mesa VerdeOlympus OM2n – Zuiko 24mm – f2.8

Anasazi Spruce House, Mesa Verde, CO. I can remember climbing up some scary ladders to get to this house. Really liked Mesa Verde but I Inadvertently pitched my tent over a burrow of a critter, he was not pleased and kept me awake most of the night.