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A few images from my trips to town over the last few days

I took my Sigma DP1 with me on my walks to town over the last few days. It’s amazing what you can find left on the pavements and roads. I’ve gone all square for these images they just seemed to suit the format.

Solid Fuel and Me !

A load of Rubbish
At least they left it by the bin ! It was gone when I returned on my way back to home.

Back to Nature

So Green
A sign of good air quality so they say.


Daff’s in the Park

Spring Blossoms


Riga – St Peter’s Church

While we were in Riga Old Town we visited St Peter’s church and took a trip to the top of the tower, fortunately there was a lift !

St Peter’s Church
St Peters Church Tower

The Latvian youth orchestra were rehearsing, I could have stayed and listened all afternoon.

Part of the old town and the River Daugava

Old town and Market
The first time I visited Riga I thought the market was the railway station, it was the canopied roofs that fooled me. The tower top right is the TV and Radio transmitter.

Riga Rooftops

National Library of Latvia
National Library of Latvia
This striking looking library building was completed in 2014
For the last two shots above I used my old Helios 58mm lens on the Olympus EPL1 to give me a short telephoto.

One from the Olympus XA
I just grabbed this shot, the Dove caught my eye.


Olympus XA Part 4

The last few shots from the Olympus XA

Memorial De Montfort Hall
Didn’t think this would come out so well as it’s made of a very shiny metal and it was a bright day.

Museum Frontage New Walk
They put on some great Art exhibitions at this museum.

Into the City

No Entryimg029

Been really impressed with the Olympus XA and Eastman XX film. I have used the film before in a Pentax Super A, but developed it in Rodinal, I prefer the results in D76 though.

Olympus XA Part 2

I can’t seem to get my blog images to appear as sharp as they are when opened in PhotoShop, I’ve tried different settings for these two and they do seem marginally better.

St James The Greaterimg023 St James The GreaterThis church isn’t far from where I live, it’s difficult to get a full view of it, took this from across the road when there was a gap in the traffic.

The Guildhallimg021 The GuildhallThe old Guildhall is medieval the earliest part dating back to the 1390’s. It’s supposed to be haunted ! Nowadays it’s used as a venue for music performances and lectures. When I was a kid we used to visit to see the dungeons and look at the scary dummy prisoner in one of the cells. I also took some photographs there for my school Art exam in 1969 (giving my age away) I was using a Cosmic 35 without much of a clue about aperture and shutter speed, nothing changes :>)

Olympus XA

Well I was going to go for a walk into town this morning but the weather is awful, blowing a gale and heavy rain. Fortunately there is enough cat food in the pantry to last at least 2 days.

Here are a couple of shots from 2 weeks ago taken on my Olympus XA using Kodak Eastman XX and developed in Kodak D76.

Lonely Smokerimg028-copy

Time House Reflectionimg031