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Seagulls, Clouds, & Chairs

I had a quick walk to town this morning, the weather wasn’t bad and the clouds looked good.

Seagulls & Clouds
There had been a carnival at the weekend on the park so I guess there were some tasty leftovers for the gulls.

These caught my eye as I walked through the market.


Park Keepers Store

I have a thing about doors, I spotted this a few weeks ago on a visit to a city park.

Olympus 1S2000 – Fomapan 400 asa – Kodak D76

I also really liked the faded colour.
Sigma DP1 – 3 shot HDR

I wonder what they keep in that store.

Trouble with an Aires

Not a person born under that star-sign but an Aires 111L rangefinder camera. The Aires is noted for it’s shutter problems and when I inherited the camera, sure enough the shutter was sticking. A couple of years ago I sent the camera off for a CLA and it seemed OK, but I had nagging doubts. I found a roll of Fuji 200 in the fridge and loaded up, the wind-on didn’t feel quite as it should, nor the shutter. The lens on this camera is really good a 6 element 45mm f1.9. I lost about 6 shots on this roll, maybe a bit more usage might help.

Autumn Sky
When it’s good

Shaky Berlin Circus box office
When it misbehaves

It’s a lovely camera to use, very well made and solid as a brick, If I could rely on it, it would be one of my go to cameras. I’ll post some more images over the next few days.

Olympus iS2000 #2 – Fomapan 400asa

Really must make some sort of drying cabinet for my freshly washed film. Having two cats who bring in bits of the garden and moult a fair bit doesn’t help getting clean negatives !

Monkey Puzzle
Had the flash activated for this one as it was so dark, couldn’t tell if it fired or not, guessing it did.

The Tree Itself
In hindsight should have used the spot meter function and metered off a grey part of the wall behind the tree.

Olympus iS2000

On my visit to Abbey Park, Leicester on Friday I took the Olympus with me loaded with Fomapan 400 asa, never used this film before. Developed it in D76 stock solution, and scanned it in this morning accompanied by music from the excellent Sam Baker, and The Lonesome Brothers.

Public Seating