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Rundale Palace Museum (Rundales Pils) Latvia

The last time I visited Rundale Palace was in 1993. Rundales Pils 1993 I mistakenly thought it was 1992 in my previous blog post about Rundale. In 1993 I had my Rolleiflex with me loaded with Konica IR750 film, there were very few people around and Storks were nesting on the chimney pots. This time I took my little olympus EPL1. It was really hot this visit 34 deg C. The restoration work that has been carried out on the building and grounds is very impressive.

Main Entrance



Wedding Photoshoot

Rear Courtyard Entrance

Panorama of the informal grounds
Rundale Pano 2016

We rounded off the visit with a lovely meal and for me a large bottle of Alus :>)