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Thursday Doors (and windows)


A selection of doors from my walks into town over the last two weeks, and the odd curved window.

A bit of a selfie going on !


Rough and ready and some curved windows


The colours and the leaded window caught my eye on this one


Fashionable Grey


Leeds United


Scissors door and curved window


Side door to a former bank, liked the top light


Another lovely top light


Click on the link above to see a selection of doors from around the world on Dan Antions excellent blog.


Slytherin !

A cold but sunny day for my walk to the city. Visited some places I knew, but hadn’t been to for a while.

This is new, I’m not a fan of pet shops.

I am a fan of electricity sub stations though.

Used to be called Zanzibar, doubled up as a roller skating rink on Sunday mornings, went there with my niece and nephew a few times. I would love to go roller skating again, but there’s not a rink nearby .

I’ve photographed this before, not sure what these things are but they are on sale for only £3.00, was tempted !

Hanging fluorescent’s