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Photina Reflex

I did a quick count up of the 120 size film I had in the fridge, 24 Rolls. So thought it was time I used some of it and made a bit more space for food ! I bought the Photina in 1989 for about £18.00 from a now long gone photographic shop in Leicester. It’s in good condition but I wasn’t sure if the shutter was still ok. A roll of Ilford HP5 (expired in 2006) was loaded and a walk to Welford Road cemetery to test it out.




To focus the camera you need to turn the taking lens (lower) which is geared to the viewing lens (top). What I didn’t realise is that if you focus by turning the taking lens it is all to easy to move the shutter speed to the “B” setting.
This is at the “B” setting, I normally release the shutter button after I hear the click, so at least I got an image. I now know to focus using the viewing (top) lens and to check the shutter speed, in other words slow down. I quite like the slightly blurred image it has an old feel about it. The demineralised water certainly helped with the final rinse of the film, far fewer hickies.

The cats kept me company while I was scanning in the negatives.


Totalled Car, Public Transport, and Old Negs


This was my lovely old passat after a car swiped the front of it, then demolishing a lamp post before finally coming to an abrupt halt by the garden wall of the house next door, fortunately no one was hurt. I certainly wasn’t as I was quietly dozing on the sofa in the backroom of my house at the time ! The insurance company said it would be uneconomical to repair my car so I am now looking for a replacement, not an easy task with what I am prepared/want to pay to be mobile again.

I have never been a great fan of public transport (but needs must now) and as I have attained a certain age I qualify for a travel card which gives me free off peak bus journeys in the city area.
So off I went this morning by bus to the other side of town to have a look at a car I had spotted online, was not that impressed with the car so back to the bus stop where a young women was also waiting, I asked her if this was the stop for going back into town, we struck up a bit of a conversation and she told me she was on her way back from art therapy which was helping her get over depression, I told her that photography kept me occupied now that I wasn’t working (by choice) and being creative certainly helped me keep my spirits up. When I got off the bus I got a lovely smile and a wave from the young women. The bus for the last part of the trip home had a lot of old age pensioners aboard, I guess Thursday must be pension day, they all seemed to be having a good time and were really enjoying their journey. Maybe bus travel isn’t so bad ?

Photina TLR

Agfa 100 asa – Northamptonshire
I bought the Photina secondhand from a local camera shop more than 20 years ago, only used it a couple of times.
When I scanned in this old negative I was amazed at the detail the lens on this humble camera had picked up.

Rolleiflex 3.5f

VIC 72 Eilean Eisdeal
Konica ir 750 – Clyde Puffer VIC 72 Eilean Eisdeal

I took this image about 20 years ago on the Isle of Eigg (west coast of Scotland), it wasn’t ideal weather for infrared but it came out ok. Again viewed at 100% the amount of detail is incredible.

Both of these TLRs will certainly be out and about with me again.