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In The Garden

Well it’s taken me a long time to shake off my man flu but I felt much better yesterday, the weather helped, it was actually sunny and quite warm for a change. So a catch up on the garden chores were desperately needed.

I read a few weeks ago much to my disbelief and dismay that garden plants from many DIY stores and nurseries have been treated with insecticides that can be deadly to bees. I really don’t understand this, one of the reasons I buy plants is to attract wildlife, not kill it. But it makes money for big chemical corporations I guess !!!!!!!!!!!. The film “Idiocracy” comes to mind. The good news is one of the biggest DIY chains in the UK is no longer going to sell plants treated with insecticides, hopefully the others will follow their lead.

After the lawn was mowed and shrubs were pruned I took the camera into the garden to get a few images of some of the flowers, they have had a hard time this year with the cold and rain.









A few images from my trips to town over the last few days

I took my Sigma DP1 with me on my walks to town over the last few days. It’s amazing what you can find left on the pavements and roads. I’ve gone all square for these images they just seemed to suit the format.

Solid Fuel and Me !

A load of Rubbish
At least they left it by the bin ! It was gone when I returned on my way back to home.

Back to Nature

So Green
A sign of good air quality so they say.


Daff’s in the Park

Spring Blossoms

Bollards in the Autumn

Just a short walk today ( 1.5 miles) to meet some good friends for coffee and a catch up. It was quite dull weather-wise, a complete change from yesterday’s sunshine.

Autumn Bollards

Let Me In

That Weathered Look

While I was putting this together one of my cats brought in a mouse, it’s now residing under the bookcase !!!!


Autumnal Walk to Town

Had a quick walk into town today, it was really busy with people buying Halloween stuff. I managed to grab a few images on the way.

Sycamore #1
As I was taking a picture of this tree a chap came over to talk to me, he said this tree was part of the Acer family and Date family, not native to the UK but brought over by the Romans. You learn something new every day.

Sycamore #2


That Bin Again !

My favourite tree

All is being revealed 

Misty Autumn Walk

I needed to get into town yesterday, yes more cat food and a film to get processed that had torn in my old Zenith Lomo. It was quite misty and cool, had to put a sweater on.

Red Fruits

Tiger Stripes

My favourite tree in the mist

Fungi Update
They are coming on quite nicely, thought I ought to find out what they are, Inkcaps, not to be eaten after alcohol  !!!!

These are Sulphur Tuft, not sure if you can eat them, I won’t be trying them out.